See into people's minds by: Emma LeCloux 4th Hour

Facts about Psychologists

  • Psychologists treat patients of any age, young or old.
  • Unlike Psychiatrists, Psychologists do not have the ability to recommend medicine to their patients based on their diagnosis/symptoms.
  • Study how people think, feel, and act when they are with others.
  • Work with their patients in offices or hospitals.
  • Interview and test people to collect information.
  • Work closely with clients.
  • About twenty six percent are self-employed.
  • Some teach in colleges and universities, and some research human and animal activity.
  • Also help people adjust to new situations in their lives.
  • May use school and medical records to identify factors that are possibly influencing their behaviors.

The Pro's and Con's of being a Psycholgist

Pro's -

  • You're helping people, this is good because if a person doesn't know what to do with their emotions or how to deal with things, you're there for them and can help.
  • Learn more about how people function every day, this is a pro because the more you learn about the people the better you can be at your job and contribute to research.
  • Can find new brain or other diseases, this is helpful because it's helping researchers learn more about how the brain works, which is one of the humans body's most confusing and interesting body part.

Con's -

  • Sometimes patients don't always listen to the treatment, this is a bad thing about this career because it can be frustrating if the patient won't listen to your help and treatment because you are trying to help them but they won't listen.
  • Don't want to listen, this can be a difficult part of this career becuase you are trying to help the patient but sometimes the patient will refuse to listen to you or ignore you, and you can imagine how frustrating that is.
  • Patients are sometimes mean to their psychologist, some patients have outbursts and can attack or say mean things to their psychologist either becuase of their mental illness's or because they are being forced to go to the psychologist and don't want to so they make the psychologist feel bad by being mean to them.

High School and College courses you need to take

High School: Take High School classes that exceed college requirements, Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Foreign Language (minimum of two years), and Statistics and Probability are some helpful High School courses you should take.

College: Most have a Master's Degree or a Ph.D., and a license is highly recommended.

Three Colleges I can attend to become a Psychologist:

Ripon College

Ripon College is a great college to go to if you want a career as a psychologist. Here are some of the reason's why you should and shouldn't go to this school.

Pro's of going to this school:

  • Closest College available in WI that has Psychology classes.
  • Have professional staff dedicated to helping you reach your goals.
  • Are very interactive and social with their students.

Con's of going to this school:

  • They are a private school so it costs more than non-private schools.
  • In state tuition is high at $36,214.

  • Have a lot of women employed compared to men so they don't really need any more women employed there.

Address: 300 W. Seward St. Ripon, WI

Web Address:

Viterbo University

Viterbo UNiversity offers a variety of classes for psychology. Here's some reasons why you should or shouldn't go to this University.

Pro's of going to this school:

  • There's online registration for classes.
  • 72 acres big.
  • Computer lab available to all students.

Con's of going to this school:

  • Near a city so it can be noisy.
  • Only 33% of the kids live on campus.
  • Very far away from Green Bay.

Address: La Crosse, WI 5460

Web Address:

University of California

In the University of California they have a variety of classes and ways you can experience Psychology as a career choice. Debating on whether or not to go there? Here are some reasons why you should or shouldn't apply.

Pro's of going to this school:

  • Campus size is 419 acres.
  • The highest year that students are required to live on campus is none, because it isn't required.
  • Computers and Wi-Fi available to students all around campus.

Con's of going to this school:

  • Extremely far away from Green Bay, and you have to pay over 30 thousand dollars for tuition because you would be an out of state student.
  • Estimated cost for books is over a thousand dollars.
  • Fees for students out of state are $14,809

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90095

Web Address:

Psychology Associations:

American Psychological Association

The American Psychological Association is an Association that can help provide further information on Psychology and what you can do to become a Psychologist.

Contact Information -

Web Address:

Address: 750 First Street, NE

Phone Number(s): (800) 374-2721 or (202) 336-5500

National Association of School Psychologists

This is the National Association of School Psychologists. You can probably guess by the title that this is an Association for Psychologists that work in schools, and information about those types of Psychologists and how to become one yourself.

Contact Information -

Web Address:

Address: 750 First Street, NE

Phone Number: 301-657-0270 or 866-331-6277 (toll free)

Job Advertisement

Do you enjoy helping people with problems? Do you like learning about the brain and how it functions? Want to learn to treat patients with mental illness's? Well, then a Psychologist is the perfect career choice for you! Psychologists work in a variety of workplaces, ranging from School's and Universities to to your own office! You get to treat patients of any age, young or old. But, a license is highly reccomended if you want this career. There are a variety of Colleges that offer courses for psychology, for example, Viterbo University in Wisconsin is a great college to go to if you want to learn more about Psychology. Just call 1-800-PSYCHOLOGY and become a Psychologist in no time!

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