Albion Middle School Staff Bulletin

Weeks of December 14, 2015 and January 4, 2016 - Number 9

With sincere appreciation for your friendship and goodwill, I wish you all the joys of this holiday season. ~ Tom

Monday, Dec. 14

Team Meetings, AM - Tom

Holiday Choir Concert - 6:30 pm

(Duty - Brad, Beth, Brittany)

Tuesday, Dec. 15

Jazz Band performance in the Cafe - 7:30 am

Holiday Band Concert - 6:30pm

(Duty - Gayle, Mary Kay)

BLT - 3:15pm

Wednesday, Dec. 16

Holiday Orchestra Concert - 6:30 pm

(Duty - Mary, Julie)

Thursday, Dec. 17

Team Leaders - 7:15 am - Breakfast by "Iron Chef Demmerle"

Secondary Curriculum Committee, 9:30 am - Tom

Friday, Dec. 18

Staff Holiday Breakfast, 7:30 am - Staff Lounge

Monday, Dec. 21

Staff PD - Center MS

Monday, Jan. 4


Team Meetings - Tom

Tuesday, Jan 5

Report Card Entry Due

Thursday, Jan 7

ALT, 11:30 am - Tom

Athletic Events:

Athletics and other school events can be found on Albion's School calendar. You can access Albion's calendar at: HERE

Other stuff...

Assessment Practices - Tip of the Week:

Assessments for learning happen while learning is still underway. These are assessments that we conduct throughout teaching and learning to diagnose student needs, plan our next steps in instruction, provide students with feedback they can use to improve the quality of their work, and help students see and feel in control of their journey to success. Each one reveals to students increments of achievement and how to do better the next time. On these occasions, the grading function is laid aside.

Classroom Assessment for Student Learning, Stiggins, et al., 2004

Geography Bee:

A huge thank you to Cindy Vernon for coordination of this year's Geography Bee. Our sincere appreciation also goes out to our awesome panel of judges and timers. Great job everyone!

TBT Coaches Wanted:

Want to be a TBT Coach? I feel our TBT meetings are productive and well-run when the 5-Step Process presents itself. If you are interested in being a coach and working with TBTs from other schools, let me know. This is another way for our staff to build leadership capacity.

Holiday Candle Lighting:

As a way of supporting our Albion Family, the guidance department will be offering a free candle lighting for anyone who would like to dedicate a candle and write a message to a special loved one. The candle lighting will take place on Friday (12/18) during lunch periods (between 10:30AM-1:00PM). (Teachers can also participate if they would like to do so.) We have a sign-up sheet in the guidance office, but if you would like to sign up online, please click HERE. Anyone who would like to participate must sign up by Monday (12/14) to ensure that we have enough supplies.

PD - December 21:

Our next staff development day is scheduled for Monday, December 21. We will convene at Center MS. Our program begins at 8:30 and includes a rotation of three hour long activities: a tour of Strongsville Middle School; a review of information collected at our last PD day; and, an opportunity for teams to begin planning common operational items for their individual team (i.e. disciplinary procedures, homework, etc)

Staff Holiday Breakfast:

Our staff holiday breakfast is scheduled for Friday, December 18. Be sure to see Mary Kay and sign-up to bring in a breakfast item. So far the menu looks awesome!

Common Assessments Needed:

Teachers should have shared with me their common assessments for second quarter. I need to run a hard copy to forward to Erin Green for the creation of a comprehensive file.

If you have not already done so, please get these to me no later than January 8, 2016.

Old SLO Pre and Post-Assessments:

Regarding older SLO pre and post-assessments from previous years...As long as all scores have been recorded and saved in the SLO scoring template and you (as the evaluator) have no questions regarding the SLO data in this sheet, teachers can dispose of the SLO pre and post-assessments taken by students from the 2014-15 school year or prior. This same plan should be in effect for each year where these assessments from the previous year should be kept for the first semester of the following year just in case there is an ODE audit. They can be disposed of if there are no issues after that point.

Guidance on “At”, “Below” or “Above” on Common Assessments:

TBTs will need to determine what will constitute being at level on their 2nd quarter common assessment, prior to the early release day 1/15/16. You will be expected to come to early release with your student data.

In general, the following scale is suggested. If any teams want to deviate, please see me with your rationale.

69% or lower = “BELOW”

70%-89% = “AT LEVEL”

90% and higher = “ABOVE”

Resource Links:

PARCC: PARCC Partnership Resource Center

Differentiation: 50 Tools for Differentiating

Education Articles: HERE

Know your Apps: Take a look HERE!

Student Mental Health Services: Frontline Services