What's New in Room 33

Mr. Woodworth's Class

1 Month Away...

Our Star of India trip is quickly approaching. Please turn in your permission slip and payment as soon as possible.

If you are a parent volunteer, you can only drive other kids if you have the proper paperwork completed. If you have not driven on a field trip this year, please let me know if you want to drive other kids to and from the Star of India

Progress Reports

I am sending Progress Reports home tomorrow. Listed on the reports are a few test scores and all of the homework assignments that I have graded this trimester. Please let me know if you have any questions

AR Points

We are about half way through Trimester 3. The top 5 point totals in the class are:

Arianna 64 points

Jordyn 27 points

Maquena 26 points

Kaylee 26 points

Anissa 25 points

Great job girls!!!

Multiplication Facts

Since January, I have dedicated math time to helping the class memorize their facts. As a middle school teacher, it was evident that the higher performing students knew their facts and could complete problems quicker and with greater ease. Students who struggled with their facts often struggled with most concepts. Please dedicate time every day to memorizing facts. They will be less likely to spend time doing this when they are teenagers.

These Students have passed all of their multiplication Timed Tests:

Chris, Coen, Farbod, Kinsey, Maddix, Maquena, and Marcus. Well Done!