31's Team Dream

MAY 2014


WOW! What a year 2014 has been for me! For those that don't know, I started this journey to add a few extra dollars to my daughter's competitive cheering account in Feb 2013. I never dreamed of forming a team or having this opportunity, that has paid 100% for my daughter's competition costs. I have an amazing team and have made so many new friends along the way. In less than a year, with a lot of hard work and dedication, I was able to promote to director and earn a $1000 bonus. None of this could have been done without each one of you. I say all of this to say: IT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU TOO! The amazing thing about Thirty-One is you get to decide what kind of job you want it to be for you!

Ask yourself :

What is your WHY? Why did you start?

What are you financial goals for yourself with 31 this year?

What are your personal goals with 31 this year?

What are you going to do to make those happen?

I would love to hear back from all of you for your plans for 2014, if you would like to share please email me. We all have such different plans, and that's what makes this awesome!

**Don't get so overwhelmed looking at everything thing at once that you never make a move. Instead, take one step at a time...this way you continue moving toward your DREAM**

Our team sales for April = $ 9561.00 Team Rockstars for APRIL: HIGHEST IN SALES IS LINDA SELF= $1556.00, 2nd place is Mandy Church = $1383.00 and 3rd place is $1379.00!Way to go ladies, all of you did GREAT!

Let's Get Ready For SUMMER 2014! TIPS TIPS TIPS

Always carry :

*an eye catching 31 bag of some sort

*mini catalogs with your information to hand out

*a print out with the special of the month

Let's Party-it's what we do!

* call people that purchased in the last few months-are they loving their 31? would they like earn more for FREE? New products and New Prints!

*make a list of your FRANKS (friends, relatives, acquaintance, neighbors, kids friends,spouses friends) and start calling-SAY "can I do a girls night for you?" NOT "will you host a 31 party for me?"- That makes it sounds like a lot of work for them!

I encourage all of you to listen to the FREE 31 minute calls that you can. You can listen to these in your car on your phone, cleaning your house, before going to bed...ANYTIME! They can be so helpful and full of great ideas! And you get to choose to listen to what you are interested working on.

I would love to meet anyone that would like to for dinner or as a group to help with extra needs some of you may have ,tips, encouragement-whatever!!If you are interested, please email me and we will try to get that worked out!