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Tuesday, September 20, 2016 | Issue 6

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Schedule Time w/ Me

As always, I'm available for you. Whether it is TBT/SLO data, converting Microsoft office files to Google, learning Google Classroom, creating a form, etc. I will work with you. I am available all times except periods 5,6,7. E-mail me to set-up a time for anything tech you need.

I'm also available to help you with tech in the classroom. I would love to come in and team-teach with you using technology. I am full of ideas and if I can't think of something on the spot I will research and figure out something that will work for you. I love a tech challenge!

Did I Forget You?!

I feel like I've missed some people who have asked me to stop by... if that's the case remind me :) And also please remember to put all PD in help.swcsd.us so I can't forget :)

Computer Lab Room 304

Room 304 is no longer a business lab and is open for teachers to sign-out. I see no one has used it yet this year (except Friday when I sent a sub there!). It has a Smart board, projector, 28 computers and will have a brand new black and white printer very soon :) I hate to see it sit there unused! The sign-out for that room is all the way to the right of the Chromebook | Lab sign-out sheet.

Technology Inventory

I'm still working on our building tech inventory. Additionally, Shannon Routte may be around checking asset tag numbers helping me out as she works on her practicum.

My Tech PD on PDExpress

I now have 2 courses JUST FOR YOU! on PDexpress.

Click Here for PDExpress!

Course #1:

Flubaroo your TBT data class that is all online and can be completed at your own convenience between now and December 1. It is worth .15 CEUs (1.5 hours).

Course #2:

EDCite our September face-to-face session that will be September 27 at 7:15am in room 307. This will earn you .05 CEUs (30 minutes).

My other online courses will be available soon.

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Help Requests - Even for PD!

Eric Ewing is updating the tech form so that it makes more sense. For example, right now if in the location box you type in 'Art' for the 'Art room' it will also show all Chromebook cARTs.... It's a work in progress - once he is finished and the inventory is updated it should work much better.

Thank you, once again, for your patience.


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Have you ever wanted to make your own gif or create a quick video of your screen? With huge upgrades, ScreenToGif can do that for you.


  • Record your screen and save directly to a gif looped animation or a video.
  • Pause and continue to record or start over by discard the recording.
  • Move the window around to record what you want, it stays on top.
  • You can add Text, Subtitles, Title Frames, Borders, Watermarks, Drawings, etc.
  • Crop and Resize.
  • Remove frames that you don't want.
  • Select a folder to save the file automatically or select one before encoding.
  • Add the system cursor to your recording.
  • Very small sized and portable (uses a settings file under the AppData folder) executable.

If you're interested, please submit a tech request and I will install it for you. This cannot be used on the Chromebooks.


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Google Docs Templates

Just like Microsoft Office, Google has a ton of templates that you can use. Search the public database of templates, templates that have been created by teachers in our district, by category, by type of doc, etc.

Click Here to start browsing!

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September Tech PD: EDcite

Tuesday, Sep. 27th, 7:15am

Room 307

EDcite is an amazing tool to create interactive online assessments (formative and summative) that analyzes data and grades for you. Not only that, it lets you use the same format as the AIR test to help students become more familiar with online assessment tools.

Learn the different question types and how to create an assessment of your own in just 30 minutes.

**This session IS on PDExpress.

Contact Information

Amy Kline

Business Teacher

Building Technology Coach

Grove City High School

Level 2 Google Educator

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