Room 216 News

SOLs and all that fun stuff!

Hug Your Child

I know I don't need to tell you this, but I will anyway--your kids are awesome! They are doing a bang up job preparing for the upcoming assessments. We are continuing to learn new things, while also convincing ourselves that we remember what we already were taught.

Our schedule of tests has been published in several places, but here it is one more time:

Tuesday, 3 May -- Virginia Studies SOL starts at 8:15, goes until finished

Friday, 6 May -- Science SOL starts at 8:15, goes until finished

BOTH of these include concepts taught in 4th and 5th grade.

The most important preparation is to be well rested and nourished.

Thursday, 12 May & Friday, 13 May --Reading SOL starts at 8:15, goes until finished

Thursday, 19 May & Friday, 20 May -- Math SOL starts at 8:15, goes until finished

Expedited Retakes

Similar to the policy started last year, certain students may become eligible for SOL Expedited Retakes. To be eligible for a retake, a student must have passed the subject, but failed the SOL test with a score between 375 - 399 or have extenuating circumstances that would warrant retesting. If the student retests, the highest score is recorded. None of the scores affect a child's grade or academic record.

If this process becomes a possibility for your child, I (or your child's math teacher) will call you. The final decision on whether to retake or not is the parent's prerogative.

End of Year Celebrations

Lake Monacan, Field Day & Moving Up Day

We will enjoy our annual outing to Lake Monacan on May 31st. If you plan on sending in a donation towards the costs, please do it soon so the volunteers coordinating it can set their final budget.

The school Field Day is scheduled for June 3rd. Traditionally 5th graders whose games get selected help with the primary grade rotations and then participate in the 3 - 5 celebration. Ask your child about their PE assignment of game making.

The Moving Up Ceremony will be held on June 6th. As I receive more specifics, I'll be sure to pass them on to you. I can't wait for you to celebrate this accomplishment with your child. Their written work as well as their final art piece will adorn the halls of BES. Be sure to check them out!

Personal News

I am sure the children have let you know that I am leaving Brownsville when they do. My husband has accepted a position with the Defense Security Service at Marine Base Quantico. I am currently interviewing with Prince William County Schools and hope to secure a position shortly.

I am planning all appointments to have the minimum impact on our learning. Due to the fact that I am almost 3 hours away from the interviews and the latest ones held are at 4, I will have to have another teacher with the students from 12:30 - 1:20 both tomorrow and Tuesday. When our teaching team discussed this, we chose to divide the students among the five remaining teachers in lieu of hiring a substitute. It is our firm belief that the students will meld into the existing classes during review lessons better than having an unknown person simply give them a review packet. I am thankful to work with such understanding people who truly care for our kiddos. Mrs. Crickenberger and Mrs. Morris will dismiss them at 2:20 from PE.