Alcohol Education

An intro to alcohol for 9th graders.

What does alcohol do in the liver?

Alcohol is metabolized by the liver. The liver uses enzymes to break down the chemical content of the alcohol in the blood stream. The rate of metabolism for alcohol differs for each person. If alcohol is used too often and in large amounts, the liver will suffer and not function properly.

What happens to the body when alcohol is overused?

If alcohol is abused, it will eventually cause the liver to break down and not function properly. The liver, being a key component to body regulation, has to stay healthy to filter blood properly. When the liver can no longer function properly, it is called cirrhosis.

Destroyed Livers

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Effects of alcohol

Alcohol and Pregnancy

Alcohol during pregnancy spells danger upon the child. The baby may be born with damage to the brain, heart, kidneys, liver, bones, limbs, vision and hearing.

Alcohol and Decision Making

Alcohol effective disables your judgment upon acting out in ways society would find inappropriate. Alcohol is a depressant, causing the consumer to feel more "brave" or "outgoing". Alcohol also effects the "fight or flight" system.

Alcohol and Violence

It has been researched that 42% of violent crimes were committed while under the influence. The "fight or flight" system is effected, causing the consumer to act differently.
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