Mackensie Powell


Getting There

I have to get on a flight at 11:05am from Denver to Montreal and when I get there it will be 4:45pm and than Montreal at 8:55pm to Paris at 9:35am and it will take 9 hours and 75 minutes to get there . And it would be $3,859 to get there for 2 adults going to Paris


Where to Stay

I am going to stay at the saint james Albany paris hotel spa .And have a nice spa day with my frined Bri and it would only be $271 to stay there .Per nite .



what I am going to do when I get there is

1. go to my hotel and get unpacked

2.have a spa day and just relaxs

3.go try food at the dining room

4.go shopping with my friend Bri

5.swimming with Bri at the pool

History and culture

1. most visit place in Europe ,Paris is the capital of France

2.home of one of the worlds most -famous museums and is known for their displaying art work by Raphael, Monet , and Picasso at this museum.


some problems that I might have when I go to Paris try to talk to people and using money because some stuff might cost more money than other things and how I have to look at this is look at the prices be for I by them and look how much money I would have left.


In Conclusion I would want to go to Paris Because I want to see Different Kinds of things that I don't see in Colorado or an Any other Places In Colorado.

About the Traveler

my name is Mackensie andi am 13 years old I have 4 brothers and I am going to pairs because I want some time to spend with my friend Bri and I have always wanted to go to Paris cause it is a Beautiful city and I just need some time to lay back and relax and i have never been out of the u.s.a.