10 Day Clean and Lean Challenge

Welcome to the 10 Day Clean and Lean Challenge

Congratulations to committing to YOURSELF and YOUR HEALTH for these next 10 days. We will take 10 days to tone, tighten, and de-bloat our bodies with clean eating principles and amazing supplements.

You will be a part of an online community as well that will motivate and educate you through the program.


You want to increase your nutrient intake by increasing the quality of foods that you eat and by eliminating the foods that don't serve you.

You want to eliminate SUGAR, ALCOHOL, DAIRY and GLUTEN. A coffee a day is allowed.

Here is a document outlining your meals.

You will be using Arbonne's Essentials nutrition products to help you along the way.

  • Arbonne Essentials Protein
  • Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz
  • Arbonne Essentials Herbal Tea
  • Arbonne Essentials Digestion Plus
  • Arbonne Essentials 7 Day Cleanse

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You want to make sure that you are well prepared for the 10 DAYS! Here is a shopping list for you!

The more prepared you are the better chance you have of succeeding!

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It is SO important to track your progress! First thing....TAKE A BEFORE PICTURE! This is one of the most important things. Sometimes our progress can't be measured. But a picture can show the results that you can't track on a scale or measuring tape. We recommend you wear the same photos for the before & after photos.

Speaking of scale and measuring tape we recommend that you weigh yourself as well as take your measurements.

***I would love to start building a before and after portfolio. If you are comfortable sharing your before and after photos (you don't have to show your face) I will gift you with a product valued up to $40 to thank you!***


I will be here right along side you doing the program as well. I will be checking in daily to see how you're doing and to coach you through the 10 days.

I am so proud of you for joining this challenge.


Michelle Bazinet

Independent Consultant with Arbonne

Executive Regional Vice President

Healthy Lifestyle Coach