Shark Life

By: Gavin Andler

A Giant body swims in front of the glass. You're at the aquarium looking at sharks. Sharks are one of the most fascinating fish in the sea!

Shark Childhood

Let's start at birth. When Sharks are born, their mothers abandon them, yet they already know how to survive! Young sharks hunt small marine animals for sometime, until they are big enough to hunt larger specimens.

Shark Measurements

Sharks can be 4 to 5 feet (1.2-2.5 meters) long and swim up to 15 Mph (24 km/hr).

They live up to 70 years, and eat medium sized marine animals, such as seals.

How sharks get food

They get food by using their electrosense system to find prey from really long distances, and when they get closer, they use smell, hearing, and visual senses to see if prey is fine for lunch.

How sharks reproduce

Humans are still trying to figure out how certain animals reproduce, (such as sharks) but the current information presentable is accurate.

Male sharks first find a mate then show affection by biting in certain places, yet the female isn't harmed. After the female gives birth, both of the parents abandon the pup, but luckily the shell, which the baby shark is in, has a protective shell around it, so predators can't eat it.

Sharks attacking people

Most people used to believe sharks attack people by choice, but after research, we know that sharks mistake humans for injured prey, and if they do bite the victim, they will quickly realize it wasn't prey, and won't return for a second bite.

Extra info

-Humans kill more sharks a year than sharks killing us. we cut off their fins for expensive soup in Asia, thus making us vicious predators to sharks!

-Sharks can eat other, smaller sharks for food!

-Sharks help balance the marine food chain by keeping the population of smaller marine animals, such as seals, down. If sharks go extinct, seals will overpopulate, and take up a lot of the food, thus breaking balance.


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