Reader Factors Chapter 8

Facilitating Children's Comprehension

The Comprehension Strategies Chart

This chart states that in order for students to comprehend the text they need to first:

Predict what will happen next

Connect what they already know

Visualize what they are reading

Question what doesn't make sense

Identify big ideas

Summarize by combining the big ideas

Monitor what you know and take action when confused

Evaluate by reflecting on the book and think about how well they read.

What is Comprehension?

Comprehension is a creative, multifaceted process in which children engage with and think about the text. The comprehension process begins as children activate their background knowledge, and it develops as they read or listen to a book read aloud and then respond to it. Readers construct a mental picture or representation of the text through the comprehension process.

3 connections can be made to a text

Teach Kids to be strategic!

Remember the comprehension strategies

Activate background knowledge, Connect, determine importance, draw inferences, evaluate, monitor, predict, question, repair, set a purpose, summarize, visualize.