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Standing for the Fatherless on November 13th

The best outcome for a child is to know the love of a permanent family. Unfortunately, many children in our region do not experience the security and love of a stable family due to many factors including poverty, addiction, life stressors and lack of family support that cause parents to be unable to properly care for their children, fueling the foster care system. How can the church or individual respond to fatherless and vulnerable children in our community? This Sunday marks an annual observance of Orphan Sunday, a day where churches all over the nation and world celebrate the Christian teaching that we are adopted as sons and daughters of God and can engage in service towards the orphan in big and small ways. Beginning in a small village church in Zambia, Orphan Sunday is a day we turn our hearts towards vulnerable children in our communities.

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Serve United would like to encourage you to do three things this Sunday and in the month of November:

1. PRAY for the plight of fatherless and vulnerable children both in our region and worldwide in your own prayers and with the people you gather with on Sunday. Pray about how God may want you to respond. Click HERE for a prayer guide.

2. CELEBRATE your adoption as sons and daughters of our Father God and explore God's heart of adoption in your personal and corporate time with God. If this is a new concept to you, click HERE to find bible study resources.

3. ENGAGE with non profits and ministries that are working with vulnerable children and youth in our region. Check out the Family Cause Page of our website to see a few of these organizations, or view the resources available at the Defending the Cause Regional Alliance, a collaborative network of churches, nonprofits, agencies and professionals protecting kids and strengthening families in the greater Sacramento region!

Biblical faith clearly calls followers of Christ to respond to the vulnerable and fatherless in our communities (James 1:27). Let us joyfully take steps towards putting this into action!

Fatherlessness Panel Q Commons
Watch this video to hear regional leaders speak on the issue of Fatherlessness at a recent Q Commons Sacramento
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What is your cause?

A Cause is a principle or idea that people believe in or work for because it needs to become a reality. A Cause is something to get behind because there is a problem that needs to be fixed or an injustice that needs to be rectified. Serve United has identified 8 Causes to work on with community leaders in order to bring about a better reality across the greater Sacramento region. These Causes are described as “Community Health Characteristics” and were chosen after extensive research into county, city and school district descriptions of what their aspirations are for their communities. In other words, what does a thriving community look like? What problems or issues are preventing this from happening? What are the activities that would bring about change to see the preferred outcomes be a reality? Click HERE to learn more about our Causes and see nonprofits courageously working in each Cause for better outcomes in our communities and cities.

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January 26th, 2017: Serve United Activation Night

Kick off the new year with service inspiration and action at our fourth Serve United Activation Night on January 26th at Impact Community Church in Elk Grove. This quarterly event has been a great time of connecting with others passionate about service that leads to lasting change in our cities and communities. It's a great place to learn more about how you can serve a local school and serve in the cause areas of Marriage, Family, Employment, Education, Wellness, Housing, Neighbors and Sexual Integrity. Think about someone you would like to invite and RSVP HERE to join us on this special night of learning, conversation and activation! You can also share this link to invite others!
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