Georgia Virtual School

GAVS Access

· You have the right to choose Georgia Virtual School for your child.

· Your child has access to recover credit(s) free through the Georgia Credit Recovery program

· Any half unit course taken as part of a student’s regular school day, will cost $250.00 per half unit to be paid by your local school district. Courses taken outside the school day or during summer are student/parent pay.

· There is free access to the Georgia Virtual Learning Shared Resources website where courses are divided into modules and aligned with the Georgia Performance Standards.


What is Georgia Online Learning Law?

Senate Bill 289, which was passed in 2012, directs the state Board of Education to “maximize the number of students” who use digital learning to complete high school coursework in some way shape or form. This effort to maximize participation will begin with students entering the 9th grade during the 2014-2015 school year. In addition, all end-of-course examinations will be available online starting the 2015-2016 school year.

Why is the state of Georgia so invested in online education?

Online education is a significant and fast-growing segment of education. The Online Learning Law was passed on a largely bipartisan basis in an effort to use all available tools to educate Georgia’s students and make Georgia a national leader in this growing field.

How will it impact my child’s education?

The Online Learning Law will offer parents and educators another option for improved outcomes for Georgia’s students. Online education is growing and this bill is a signature effort by the Georgia Department of Education to ensure that our state’s children are prepared to lead.

Is it a mandate?

No, this legislation does not make online learning mandatory for Georgia students.

How much does a Georgia Virtual School class cost?

Georgia Virtual School’s classes cost $250 per half credit course. All Georgia public school students will have their tuition paid by their local school board if they take a Georgia Virtual School class as a part of the child’s school day.

What type of courses does Georgia Virtual School offer?

We offer 120 course offerings in core subjects, electives, and Advanced Placement classes. All courses are fully accredited and meet state and national education standards. To see all of the courses, visit and select the semester in which you are interested.

Who teaches Georgia Virtual School’s classes?

All of our teachers are certified by the state of Georgia. They are experts in their subject area and have been honored both locally and nationally for their teaching skills.

How do Georgia Virtual School’s students perform in the classroom?

Georgia Virtual School’s students consistently outperform their offline counterparts on Advanced Placement tests.

What are the requirements to take a class at Georgia Virtual School?

All Georgia Virtual School students must have a valid e-mail address, high-speed internet connectivity, and consistent computer access.

Can my child and I sit in on a Georgia Virtual School class to see how it works?

Yes, you can sit in on a Georgia Virtual School class by visiting

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