Jeep Wrangler TIRES and WHEELS


Exclusive 70th Anniversary Jeep Wrangler TIRES and WHEELS For Sale

70th Anniversary Jeep Wrangler TIRES and WHEELS! These tires and wheels (5x) usually sell for $1350 and above on eBay, but I am selling these very nice tires and wheels for $1150.00 (OBO). Buy them and put them on your Jeep Wrangler to add style or buy them and sell them for $1400. I am just trying to sell these tires and wheels ASAP. This is a great offer compared to the others on eBay! Very nice tires and wheels.

Specifications of the TIRES and WHEELS

Year: 2014

Section Width: 255

Aspect Ratio: 70

Rim Diameter: 18

Condition: Used (9000 miles), but in great condition

Load Index: 112

Speed Index: S

Tire Brand: Bridgestone

Tire Type: 4x4/Truck

Rim Material: Alloy

Rim Width: 7.5

Offset: 44.45

Number of bolts: 5 per wheel, 3 for spare*

Bolt pattern: 5x127, 5x5”

*Comes with all bolts as well as shock absorbers if you want

Low price for these exclusive, nice tires and wheels!

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