Art in the Garden— Dinner Party!

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Feed your soul!

ART IN THE GARDEN is where creativity, community and cuisine connect! Learn basic watercolor techniques, meet new friends, eat great food, learn to see life differently and rejuvenate all in the presence of nature and creativity.

Artist/Coach Annelies will guide, inspire and invite you on a magical artful journey to feed your heart and soul. A little (or a lot) intimidated by creativity? Come as you are! Curious creatives, beginners and seasoned artists welcome!

  • WHEN: Saturday June 5th 5:30-8:30
  • COST: $60 for the class. Art supplies and dinner included!
  • REGISTER HERE NOW 24 seats available! (ONLY 8 SEATS LEFT!)

MENU will be mostly from the garden-- organic, fresh and flavorful! Appetizer, main dish, sides and dessert. All vegetarian with some gluten-free options. Bring your own wine.

Open to everyone! This is a special invitation event requested by Mary-Michele of Style Finder/Wine Women & Style! New to her boutique and podcast? Great— all are welcome! We’re both excited to see our loyal fans and make new friends!!

** Rain or shine, we'll paint and dine! No refunds, all sales are final.

** This is a working farm. Expect critters and conditions of such. Bring bug spray if needed.

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Annelies has been inspiring people for nearly 30 years. She's led Art in the Garden since 2013!

Annelies M Gentile, MA, PCC is an Integrative Life and Leadership Coach, Speaker, Author and Artist with a Masters in Coaching and a knack for poking in a good way. She gently calls you “back to center” as she facilitates inspiring retreats, presents for conferences, wields artful tools for perspective, insight, well-being and coaches you through change. Her values match your values: Do good, live well, and connect to what matters.

From chaos to calm, Broadway to blacksmithing, divorce, death and Dubai, Annelies is no stranger to change— making her great at helping YOU embrace life’s wild and wooly edges with grace and gratitude. As a coach, Annelies invites you to think differently. As an artist-- she invites you to see differently too.

Her most recent creations are wildly interactive paintings that pierce the veil and stir the senses. Rightfully called the Fractal Touchable Series, these paintings break the rule of “don’t touch”, inviting you to get involved—tear canvas from frame, touch tactile surfaces, scratch and sniff, and take art into the dark to see life illuminated.

Annelies believes creativity changes everything. From visual fine arts and sculpture to expressive arts and positive psychology; she’s created with metal, photography, plaster, paint, resin, fabric, hair, make-up, and words. Her book is available on Kindle and audiobook: From Chaos to Calm :: Leading Change From the Inside Out.

She's most happy seaside, paddle boarding or hanging in a hammock alongside her musical sweetheart Greg Whitt of Drum for Change.

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