Moscow, Russia

Moscow is one of Russia's most famous cities. It's amazing!

Meals in Moscow

These foods and drinks will make you ditch the frozen dinners and go out and try these! Vodka, not only is it the best alcohol in the world, but also the purest alcohol.This may be shocking at first but both meat and wheat are part of a healthy part of your daily diet in Moscow. Dont diss this delectable dessert, because you will be allover this dish with lamb and ice cream. Moscow is not only know for its food but many other things.

History Lesson!

After going out to eat, you may want to see some art and history. One of the most notable art museums is the Tretyakov gallary, what a mouth full! What is so cool about Russia's history is that it has once been 2 countries, the Soviet Union, and modern day Russia! Russia broke away from the Soviet Union on June 12th 1990, so now that's their Independence day. You cant go to Russia without seeing the beautiful lights in Moscow's Square of Europe! So much to do, so much to see in one day!
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What to do in Moscow

Whether you are a girl, teacher, or Santa Claus, these holidays will bring you Russian joy! In Russia, woman get treated like royalty on March 8th for International Woman's day! Also, just like in USA, New years day is the most popular holiday. Russians prefer to have Christmas on January 7th than December 25th.Even teachers have their own day to celebrate! There are so many holidays in Russia, the whole year seems like a holiday!

Places to Visit

Here are some places that will make you say "WOW!" The Kremlin is, by far, the most magnificent sight in Moscow! Also, there are many parks and gardens to visit, including Izmaylovsky Park! Over vacation you could go to church at the Church of Christ the Savior. Time to go sight seeing

Russian Language

Moscow is a wonderful place, but first you must learn the Russian language. Russian is a Cyrillic language, meaning it came from Greece, and has 33 letters. It is the main language in Moscow. an odd fact is most non Russians who live in Russia usually speak Russian. With all this talking, you may have a hard time breathing!

Umbrella or Not?

Cold or hot, humid or moist, this weather is unique! In north russia it is a frozen tundra! In south Russia it is a steppe, meaning it is an extensive plain usually without trees. And in Moscow it's humid. The record high in Moscow is 100.8. Hot or cold, you will love Moscow!


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