The Weekly Knot

Issue 6: Expectations and Goals

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Active Listening

Students should:

1) Eyes Watch

2) Ears Listen

3) Voice Quiet

4) Body Calm

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Hallway Expectations

1) Quiet bodies (quiet feet and mouth)

2) Hands by your sides

3) Walking behind the person in front of you along the right side of the hallway.

4) Stop/wait for teacher direction at all corners and stairwells

5) Right hand on the rail, taking one-step at a time going up and coming down.

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ESOL Tip of the Week

Last week we focused on the importance of oral language development for English language learners (ELLs). This week we will continue that conversation, but place the focus on academic oral language development. Academic oral language must be modeled for ELLs and taught directly. Read the following article to learn more about creating an environment conducive to developing students' academic oral language skills.

"Cutting to the Common Core: Disrupting Discourse" by Kate Kinsella (October 2012)