Cheering You on for May

and HUGE congrats for April!

April Rocked!

What a great month we had at a team! Great opportunity presented at the beginning of the month with the Bag release and they continue to get rave reviews. You didn't get sold out items or cancelled shows get in your way. Many of you told me you were going to do whatever it takes to qualify for your month and you did it! Way to make a plan and work your plan. I always say if you plant the seeds they will pay off, it just may take some time, but if you do what you need to do it will all be worth it in the long run.

Continue to lay the foundation...mail out minis, reach out to past customers who loved the line or left with wishlinsts. Just because they didn't book a show with you when you originally asked, doesn't mean the right opportunity won't spark their interest. The May trunk show exclusives are fabulous and the new sponsoring video "On the Rise" is very compelling!

School will be out soon, why not grab a hostess and do an end of the year mom's get together while the kids are at school and then once school is out and the kids are at home, mom's will definately need a Girl's Night Out. I have had some hostesses grab onto a Bubbly, Bags & Bling theme or how about School's Out, Sparkles In.

And the Winner Is...

Congrats to those of you who participated in the Tory Burch Flip Flop challenge! Now that we have officially moved from winter to summer it's time to release your toes! Congrats to Abby, Casey, Julie, Kelly,Laurie, Missy, Soula and Wittney for all hitting $500! Not only did you receive business supply credits and are eligible for leads but you earned month 1 of the QUARTERLY CONSISTENCY BONUS. Let's do it again for May and June and you'll have $100 in product credits for the fall release in July!

As a team there were 28 entries for the drawing (as much as I wanted to put myslef in there to be eligible for the flps I didn't) and as a team we sold $23,404 which is fabulous!!!

And the winner is....Abby Masinter...not only did she hit the $500 to qualify right off the bat but she was literally a Stellar Seller and kept going with 14 entries in the drawing! Way to be a pace car for your team and lead by example!

Cincinnati Team Meeting

I hope to see all you local ladies at our meeting next Monday, May 6th at Buca di Beppo. Come meet other local stylists and get some great casual training! Why not grab a potential stylist and bring her with you (I think they will get something sparkly from S&D for attending). Sign up here


EARLY REGISTRATION ENDS SUNDAY!!!! Join Abby, Missy and I and tons of other RockSTARS in Vegas! Did you watch the Buzz yesterday and see those SWAG bags?! I can not wait to get mine and all the other goodies that will be inside. If you need a roommate we can make that happen. I went to my first Hoopla and roomed with someone I only knew through posts on facebook. Go to the Lounge and register TODAY. I promise that you will have a blast, learn a ton and come home with the tools and motivation you need to take your business to the next level!

May Incentive is an Email Coming Later Today!

I hope you will all participate :)

Barb Fogel, Star Stylist

Let's set up a time to chat and talk about your goals for the month and for your business. Together we can make them happen!