Lima, Peru

From relaxing on the Amazon River to eating tasteful food.

The Cultures, History and Arts of Peru.

If you ever wanted to know Peru's culture, history and arts of Peru, than come to Lima, Peru. The Peruvian people migrated from Asia to South America. I can't belive that the Peruvians traveled that far, amazing. Peru has one of the greatest arts and crafts in the world. One of the arts that the Peruvians do is folk art art. Folk art is a wonderful and beautiful piece of art. In Peru, there is a old ancient empire called the Incan civilization that was once one of the greatest empires in the world. If you would love to learn, see or do these things, then come to Lima, Peru.

Hungry? Well here's some food information from Peru, to you.

Peru has the greatest Hispanic AND Brazilian food that you will ever taste. Peru specialize's in spicy delicious foods. Peru has various types of great sea food that you will love, if you are a fish person. Paila is a type of fish that is made into soup with other types of sea food that you would love. One of the main side dishes that Peruvians eat with most of their food is various types of corn, potatoes and different types of peppers. If you love Hispanic and Brazilian food, than Peru is your place to be.

let's have some fun!!!!!!!

If you ever wanted to have fun in Peru, then come to the fabulous Lima, Peru. If you love to live dangerously or just having fun, then come to Lima's best dune buggy driver or sand surfing. If you love to fish and beautiful rivers, then come to the Amazon River where you can catch as many fish as you want. If you love to watch birds of all different species, well Peru has the second most highest bird species in the world. These birds are so beautiful when they fly. The historical sights here in Peru are relaxing, calming and wonderful activity that you would love. These activities are fun enjoyable and relaxing, so if you ever want to learn more about these activities, the best place to learn them is at Lima, Peru.

What are the sights in Peru

Come to Lime, Peru to see the wonderful sights that you can learn and see. Cachuachi is an ancient sight of the Nazca civilization. If you love to hike, well here's your chance to hike the Incan trail. This is a famous hiking trail. If you love the outdoors, than come to visit the Ica. This where you can find lush grapevines and vegetation. The Ica has a nice warm and dry climate. Lima is your place to find the answers to the sights of Peru.

How Peru's Langauge came to to be

If you wanted to know the language of Peru, then come to Lima, Peru to find your answers. Spain colonized Peru in 1533. The main language is Spanish. Peru has two other languages that the Peruvians speak, Aymara and Quechua. All three languages are spoken in Peru, all over the country. Lima , Peru is the place to learn and know the language of Peru, so if you want to know the language's of Peru, then come to Lima, Peru.

What's the weather like

It's amazing how the weather can change constantly in Peru. In Peru the currents are wonderful. It's not to cold or to hot. Peru has a subtropical and desertic climate. Peru can be wet or dry. It can be wet one day and dry the next day. At night, Peru gets pretty cold, but it gets not during the day. If you love these types of weather and climate, then come to Lima, Peru.