Physician Research

Physician Thesis

A physician is a good paying job , to become one all you need is knowledge and determination .

Yearly Salary

  • The minimum yearly salary for a physician is $220,942
  • The average yearly salary for a physician is $396,233
  • The maximum yearly salary for a physician is $477,492
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Educational Needs

  • Undergraduate education: Four years at a college or university to earn a BS or BA degree, usually with a strong emphasis on basic sciences, such as biology, chemistry, and physics
  • Fellowship: One to three years of additional training in a subspecialty is an option for some doctors who want to become highly specialized in a particular field, such as gastroenterology

  • Prerequisites: Bachelor's degree in biology or pre-medicine, acceptable MCAT score

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The good physician treats the disease ; the great physician treats the patient with the disease .