The Iroquois

A Native Tribe

Who Are We?

We live in Baie De Gaspe, and are one of the Native Tribes in the New World. Donnacona is our Tribe's Chief. A little while ago, a so-called French explorer came to our land, and engraved something like "Vive Le Roi De France," meaning something around "Long Live The King Of France." Donnacona got mad and approached him saying,"This land belongs to me and my tribe, The Iroquois" Little did we know, the explorer took hostage two sons of Donnacona

Who is Donnacona?

Donnacona is our chief, or leader, of our tribe. He has two sons, Domagaya and Taignoagny, that were captured by the French explorer who calls himself John... Car.. Cartier? I don't know how to say it. He pursaded Donnacona into letting him take his sons on a voyage. He said he would bring them back, but isntead he took them hostage. It seems like Donnacona went after them, and hasn't come back yet.
Iroquois Indians