Jamie O'Bryan

Jamie O'Bryan on O’Bryan Grain Farms

Jamie O'Bryan

Jamie O'Bryan spent several years as the Secretary and Treasurer at family farm O’Bryan Grain Farms, Inc. During her tenure as treasurer, Jamie O'Bryan oversaw the entire grain facility, including corn testing, the conversion of pounds to bushels, and the payment of corn suppliers. In addition, Jamie O'Bryan managed and oversaw all the financial workings of the multi-million dollar operation, including records, spreadsheets, income and balance sheets, and managing payroll. Jamie O'Bryan gained valuable experience during her time at O’Bryan Grain Farms.

Jamie O’Bryan: Financial Expert

Jamie O’Bryan is a consummate professional in the financial arena. Jamie O’Bryan has extensive expertise in numerous areas of banking and financial management, and has been responsible for overseeing the financial operations of 2 multi-million dollar companies.

Jamie O’Bryan has excelled in her career in the banking industry. Getting her start in the banking world while working for Central Bank & Trust in Louisville, KY, and later became the banks Head Teller. Finally, Jamie O’Bryan accepted an administrative position with the bank.

Upon her relocation to Owensboro, she leveraged her administrative acumen in her position as an Assistant Comptroller for the county hospital. Jamie O’Bryan later accepted a position as the Assistant Comptroller for the Owensboro Bank.

As the Secretary and Treasurer for O’Bryan Grain Farms Inc., Jamie O’Bryan’s was recognized for her dedication and devotion to accuracy. At O’Bryan Grain Farms Inc., Jamie O’Bryan was responsible for handling all of the company’s financial records, managing payroll operations, overseeing the entire grain facility.

Jamie O’Bryan considers her time as the Secretary and Treasurer of O’Bryan Grain Farms Inc. to have been highly rewarding, and is grateful to have had the opportunity to work for the organization, which happens to be a family farm.

Currently, Jamie O’Bryan is a private consultant as well as the Secretary and Treasurer of yet another multi-million dollar agribusiness; I.M. Farms. I.M. Farms is an Owensboro, KY company and farrow to finish pig farm operation with more than 15,000 sows.

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Volunteer: Jamie O’Bryan

Jamie O’Bryan is a highly dedicated volunteer who has committed much of her time to serving those less fortunate. Having a great appreciation for the joy and fulfillment that volunteering can provide, Jamie O’Bryan serves her community through contributing her time and skills to a wide-range of good causes, including the positive growth and development of children.

As a successful professional in the financial industry who is also the mother of 4 children, Jamie O’Bryan has managed to donate a considerable amount of time to charities, churches, and other nonprofit organizations.

At the Our Lady of Lourdes parish, Jamie O’Bryan added tremendous value by creating the children’s Mass program, which provides a unique opportunity for children to participate in a service that is specially designed for them.

Jamie O’Bryan has participated in a wide-range of charities, volunteer programs, fundraising drives, and other nonprofit projects; however she is particularly proud of her work in creating the children’s Mass program at Our Lady of Lourdes. For a long-time, the Our Lady Of Lourdes parish had been seeking a way give children a service specifically created and designed for them, and Jamie O’Bryan’s work not only accomplished the design of such a program with the children’s Mass, but also implemented it.

Jamie O’Bryan takes deep pride in her work at Our Lady of Lourdes, and looks forward to creating and implementing similar work in other parishes. Currently, when it comes to volunteering, Jamie O’Bryan is a kid’s sports team coach and is also a leader for The Girl Scouts of America, where she has served for several years.

Corporate Volunteering with Jamie O'Bryan

Jamie O'Bryan has done many different types of volunteer work during her lifetime; for her, it is as essential a part of her adult personality as her religion, her career, and her family. Volunteering fills a special need in Jamie O'Bryan’s soul; it makes her feel good about the good she is doing in the community and in the parish.

One of the more idiosyncratic types of volunteer work that Jamie O'Bryan has done comes out of her background in banking and finance. Jamie O'Bryan has been in the banking and finance industry for most of her working life, and has risen through the corporate ranks with admirable speed. In 2004, an opportunity arose for Jamie O'Bryan to volunteer her time and services on behalf of a particular business, owned by a disabled veteran. The role of Jamie O'Bryan in the process was to lobby on the owner’s behalf for the government contracts that the business sought. Jamie O'Bryan did this work out of a sense of solidarity, a sense of patriotism, and a sense of rightness. As a member of the Lighthouse Point Ladies Auxiliary, Jamie O'Bryan believes in standing up for those who serve the United States in a military capacity, and she saw this as a unique opportunity to apply her career skills in a corporate volunteering setting.

This serves as just one example of the type of selflessness typical of Jamie O'Bryan; it is emblematic of the type of altruistic mindset that pervades her everyday life and makes her the well-respected person that she is.

Jamie O'Bryan, Children’s Mass Organizer

Jamie O'Bryan has a reputation for outstanding volunteer work, a reputation which she has carefully curated over the years. She believes in the value of volunteering, considering it as both good for those one is helping and for one’s own spiritual growth. In fact, volunteering is one of the three things Jamie O'Bryan believes most strongly in, along with hard work and maintaining a vibrant family life. One of the volunteer efforts that Jamie O'Bryan is most proud of is her work in creating the children’s Mass program during her time in Our Lady of Lourdes parish.

The children’s Mass program offers a unique opportunity for children to attend a service designed specifically for them, in a way they can understand, says Jamie O'Bryan. Children attending regular Sunday service are often inattentive and misbehaving, and Jamie O'Bryan does not fault them. The service is not something they are yet capable of understanding; it has not been presented to them on their own level, but on an adult level beyond their comprehension. The children’s Mass, on the other hand, brings the service to their level; it makes Mass accessible, understandable, and relatable.

Jamie O'Bryan believes that the children’s Mass results in young people gaining a broader understanding of the mysteries of faith, greatly increasing the likelihood of their staying within the faith when they become adults. Jamie O'Bryan takes a deep pride in her role in creating and implementing this program at Our Lady of Lourdes, and hopes to implement the same program elsewhere in the future.

O’Bryan Grain Farms Secretary & Treasurer Jamie O'Bryan

Family grain farm O’Bryan Grain Farms Inc has seen revenues in the multi million dollar range, necessitating a treasurer with a keen mind for finance and operations. Enter Jamie O'Bryan. With a strong background in banking and finance, including stints as head teller in charge of bond and collateral instruments, assistant comptroller, and self-employed real estate agent, Jamie O'Bryan has the set of skills it takes to run a large company’s finances. Her work at O’Bryan Grain Farms has been renowned for its dedication and devotion to accuracy.

Jamie O'Bryan rose through the corporate ranks, beginning as a teller at Central Bank & Trust in Louisville, KY, where she quickly was recognized for her acumen and promoted to head teller, given charge of the bond and collateral instruments at the branch. From there Jamie O'Bryan moved into an administrative position at the bank, which she leveraged upon relocation to Owensboro into a job as Assistant Comptroller at the county hospital. Then Jamie O'Bryan became Assistant Comptroller at the Owensboro Bank when they sought her services. When the growing family farm needed a Treasurer, Jamie O'Bryan was there to heed the call.

As treasurer, Jamie O'Bryan has handled all financial records for O’Bryan Grain Farms, as well as managing payroll operations. She has performed her duties with her typical blend of hard work and attention to detail, resulting in perfectly balanced books and O’Bryan Grain Farms’ reputation for integrity and honest dealing. Jamie O'Bryan is an asset to whatever company she is working for, a real diamond in the rough.

Jamie O'Bryan on Work-Life Harmony

It is a common complaint among many overworked mothers out there: they find their job interfering with quality time at home. They feel they are missing out on watching their children grow up. They feel like life is slowly but surely passing them by. Jamie O'Bryan has some ideas that may help those feeling this way. A successful businesswoman who has also found the time to raise four children at home, while volunteering on top of it all, Jamie O'Bryan says there is no magic formula for success, unfortunately. It takes hard work and dedication, and sometimes the ability to be in two places at once. But mostly the first two.

Jamie O'Bryan is proud of her ability to create work-life harmony in her own life, although she is the first to recognize that she has been very fortunate in many ways. A career professional in the agricultural finance field, Jamie O'Bryan has risen steadily through the ranks while never having a job that required excessive travel or overtime hours. This enabled Jamie O'Bryan to be there for her children as they grew up, so that she could instill her deeply held values and spirituality into them. Watching them grow into well-rounded individuals of their own has been one of Jamie O'Bryan’s greatest pleasures.

Jamie O'Bryan believes that the key to work-life harmony is to never let work take over, as it has a tendency to do. If you can keep work at work and not take it home with you, you will be well on your way.

Jamie O'Bryan Values Hard Work and Balance

Jamie O'Bryan is no stranger to hard work, having been a career professional for as long as she was old enough to be legally employed. But she sees some career-first people, including friends of her own, falling prey to a consuming mentality that leads to self-destruction and the disintegration of relationships. Too many people these days, according to Jamie O'Bryan, are putting their jobs in front of everything else in life; too many people get into the tunnel vision of a job and fail to see that their life is happening all around them. Jamie O'Bryan knows the value of hard work, but she also knows the value of balance.

Balance, to Jamie O'Bryan, means working hard, yet still finding the time to raise a family according to traditional values, as well as time to make an impact in one’s community. Jamie O'Bryan has been fortunate enough to have made that balance work in her own life; she has raised four fine children and volunteers in the community and in her parish, all while steadily increasing her responsibilities at work. Jamie O'Bryan considers that this is the only way to be truly happy in life – to have a career that you enjoy, but which does not become your only goal. To be able to see that your life is not from Point A to Point B, but that it is a panorama, going on all around you all at once; that is what Jamie O'Bryan hopes more people can understand, and have the vision to stop and enjoy

Jamie O'Bryan’s Family Values

Businesswoman and avid volunteer Jamie O'Bryan has not let her two other passions cloud her vision when it comes to her main passion: raising a family. The mother of four has taken a great deal of pride in raising her children to have a strong set of core family values, and she believes that she has succeeded. Jamie O'Bryan’s values are simple and strong, and they include: honesty, credibility, and respectability in one’s interactions and one’s business dealings; strength of character and the ability to treat one’s fellow man well, no matter what; and maintaining a personal relationship with one’s faith. Jamie O'Bryan believes that with these in place, a person will have to work hard to go too far wrong in this world.

In Jamie O'Bryan’s family life, enacting these values has meant maintaining a constant balance between her busy professional life and the needs of her family at home. Jamie O'Bryan is very proud of her accomplishments in both realms, professional and personal, and believes that she has been very fortunate to have had such success in so many aspects of her life. She attributes this success to her core values, which she has worked hard to keep front and center throughout her lifetime.

With family values being so important to a woman like Jamie O'Bryan, it is no surprise that she is so proud of her family. Each of Jamie O'Bryan’s four children has grown up respecting her parenting style and her work ethic, and have each adopted much of her value system as their own.

Jamie O'Bryan, Girl Scouts of America Volunteer

Despite a schedule that includes full time work in the agricultural finance sector as well as a home life with four children, Jamie O'Bryan manages to find time for a full complement of volunteer opportunities. Included in this list is her position as a leader of a troop of the Girl Scouts of America, the venerable institution responsible for everyone’s favorite cookies.

Jamie O'Bryan loves being a Girl Scout leader for many reasons, not least of which is the opportunity to work with so many young ladies of varying backgrounds and social strata. Jamie O'Bryan relishes the challenge of bringing a disparate group of young people together, to help them to see all that they have in common, and to help them achieve goals they may not have believed were achievable on their own. The Girl Scouts of America is a great organization, says Jamie O'Bryan, and the benefits go both ways. Jamie O'Bryan believes she gets just as much out of helping these young people as they get from her leadership.

In addition to her work as a leader of the Girl Scouts, Jamie O'Bryan also volunteers as a sports coach at the grade school level, and does a host of other volunteer work through her parish. Nonetheless, she says, the Girl Scouts hold a special place for her; Jamie O'Bryan herself was a Girl Scout once, and still remembers what it was like to be young and uncertain. Jamie O'Bryan does her best to help her little ones navigate the turbid waters of growing up.

Jamie O'Bryan Volunteers in the Parish

Local businesswoman and proud mother Jamie O'Bryan is a busy lady, but that doesn’t stop her from finding time to volunteer in her parish as much as she can. Most recently, Jamie O'Bryan was selected to be the supervisor at the summer religious camp the parish organizes each summer, a position Jamie O'Bryan considers a great privilege. In addition, she has helped organize a children’s Mass program, and she volunteers her time in various ways around the parish as the need arises.

Jamie O'Bryan’s faith moves her to works of altruism; she has said that it gives her great spiritual satisfaction to know she is helping to improve the lives of others, even in some small way. The beauty of volunteering, according to Jamie O'Bryan, is that it is a two way street; you provide a service that people need, but which they either cannot or should not be required to pay for, and in return you gain the deep contentment of knowing you are doing good, no matter how small, no matter how miniscule. It is this feeling that keeps Jamie O'Bryan volunteering year after year.

Volunteering in the parish is also a great way to stay connected to the church community, says Jamie O'Bryan. Through volunteering, she stays in touch with friends, and also finds new opportunities to meet members of the congregation and share stories. Jamie O'Bryan says she has even met some new friends when she has volunteered in the parish. On the whole, the volunteering process has been all benefits and zero drawbacks for Jamie O'Bryan.

Jamie O'Bryan Believes in Family

For many working professional women, family can end up feeling like a back burner issue, as they focus on performance in the business realm. Consequently, family life can suffer. Jamie O'Bryan has no such issues, however; the successful businesswoman has maintained a work-life balance throughout her career that would be the envy of many a harried working mother.

Throughout her career in the banking and finance industry, Jamie O'Bryan has kept a level head, always finding time for activities at home with the family. As a result Jamie O'Bryan’s four children have grown up right, with a strong core set of values instilled by Jamie O'Bryan over the years. Jamie O'Bryan is rightfully proud of her accomplishments as a mother; she has always stressed the value of family and has made the extra effort to ensure that her busy professional life never got in the way of family time.

Since family means so much to Jamie O'Bryan, it has been a great fortune of hers to have had four children and to have had them all grow up to be such fine people; it seems a validation of her beliefs, her faith and her good heart that she has been so very fortunate.

Jamie O'Bryan’s kids have grown to appreciate her work ethic and her devotion to the family; they say they admire her and look up to her, and that they feel be lucky to have had someone like her as a mother. For Jamie O'Bryan there is not much higher praise that a person can get.