Why learn Portuguese?

1º Ano-Ensino Médio


This brochure is for you that this thinking in learning a new language, such as the one we are discussing, which is the Portuguese.

Importance to learn Portuguese.

  • If your goal is to grow professionally then you must be prepared to make international travel by your company.
  • Understand the cultural differences, and visit the beautiful scenery of the country.
  • Reach a new objective.
  • You will be easy to communicate with other people, making new friends, attending different places, etc...
  • Understand songs.


Brazil is the only Portuguese-speaking country in Latin America. During the colonial period, the Portuguese spoken in Brazil was influenced by indigenous languages, African and European immigrants. This explains the regional differences in pronunciation and vocabulary verified, for example, in the north and in the south of the country. In spite of this, the language retains the grammatical uniformity throughout the territory.


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