Well your having a baby

Your going to have a baby I will show you the three trimesters and what to expect.

1st trimesters

During the 1st trimester the baby heart start beat and blood circulates, almost all internal organs begins to develop, sex organs begin to differentiate, Internal organs begin to funtions.

In the women you may feel extreme tiredness, tender or swollen breasts, cravings or distaste in certain foods, mood swings, headache and heartburns.

2nd trimesters

For the baby skin on hands and feet forms individual paterns, the skeleton hardens, nails form on fingers and toes, heartbeat now loud enough to be heard with stethoscope, can open and close eyelids.

In the women body your may experience body aces, stretch marks, numb or tinging hands, swelling in the ankles, fingers and face, and some symptoms are nausea and fatigue.

3rd trimesters

For the baby fatty tissue begins to develop, internal organs especially respiratory and digestive still developing, fatty layer complete, birth 6-8 pounds(average) 95 percent of full-term babies born alive in the united states will survive.

During the last trimester the women may experience shortness in breath, trouble sleeping, heartburn, contraction and baby dropping.

Advice - dos/don't

Some dos are be involved go with your partner to her preconceptin and prenatal visit. Help plan for the baby. Talk to your partner about what you both want for the baby. Go shopping for baby thing. Look together at your budget. Go to childbirth education classes with your partner.

Don't or quit smoking, stay away from alcohol and illegal drugs and dangerous workplace and household chemial.