How To Grow Chili Peppers

By: Cyrus Yau & Ryan Quon

The Location And Time to Plant Chili Peppers

Growing peppers on January and February is one of the best time to start planting chili peppers. If you want to grow chili peppers on winter, you should plant them indoors because the weather is too cold for the chili pepper to survive. You also need to plant or keep them in dry and sunny places like a smallest garden or even windowsill. The place you plant your chili peppers need to be close to 20-24ºc (68-75ºF) to germinate.

Planting The Chili Pepper

First get the pot and your seeds. Then, add some soil in the pot. Add some moist free draining seed compost on the mud. Then, cover the moist free draining seed compost with a little compost or vermiculite. Water your seeds everyday carefully with not too much amount of water. Once it is a seedling, put it in a warm, bright place with good mud that has lots of nutrients, a place no cooler than 18ºc (64ºF) even during night.