The Start of Hope

Hope Rising

Faith, Help, and Hope

All you need is faith to help others and provide them with hope, whether it's a human or animal.

At first Madeline was tentative and unsure. Her thoughts were too fractured to allow her to focus. (Pg 96)

This quote is from the authors perspective as she observes another child who has locked everyone and thing out due to a traumatizing experience. The author is meeting one of the visitors, Madeline, for the first time and learns that Madeline's mother and two brothers had just been killed in an automobile accident causing Madeline to lock everything out. This quote is just the beginning because by the end of Madeline's experience at the ranch, she is full of energy, laughs, and smiles for the first time in a while. While learning to ride a horse that has gone through a similar situation when it comes to loosing family, Madeline relaxes and takes in the love from the workers and especially the horse.

The exotic facial structure proclaiming her Arabian lineage still remained, but her eyes were deeply sunken. (Pg 132)

In this quote, the author is describing the horse that she sees before her. The author, Kim, and her husband are called to go and rescue horses all the time and they always have to be ready to face the worse. This horse was ten months pregnant, extremely skinny from no food, and depressed because the owners abandoned it. This poor gray mare could barely walk and just taking a few steps would put her out of breath. Usually Kim and her husband can nurse a horse back to health, but sometimes they try all they can, but they can't do anything. In this case, they were to late and had to put this horse to sleep, but with prayer and hope, they made the right decision.

The theme of this book relates to the book, Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton because in both books the families must come together and have faith. They also must help each other and then go out and help others in anyway possible. In both books, they have hope and inspire others causing the hope to spread.

Having a desire to help and spread love saves many kids, adults, and even horses.


When Kim and her husband come together with several volunteers, they can help save kids, adults, and even horses. They all work together and go rescue starving, depressed, or abused horses. Although, it does come at a fee because the owners of these poor horses always demand money. Kim and everyone else prays to God that enough money will come to purchase the horses so that they can nourish them back to health. Sometimes, people end up making donations with the exact amount needed when they don't even know that Kim and the ranch needed the money to save a horse! These people who make donations always tell them that they don't know why, but they feel like donating that exact amount just randomly! When Kim gets these horses, her team works together to help these horses who eventually help children or adults who come to the ranch seeking happiness. Kim is a caring woman who has a passion for helping others no matter what size or shape they come in, their past, or their current struggles. She's always there to help and she is very sympathetic and understanding which always helps her when connecting with the people or horses.

Kim Meeder

Kim Meeder and her husband Troy own/operate a ranch known as Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in Central Oregon that rescues horses who are neglected. This Ranch is a non-profit organization that helps the horses they rescue and ends up pairing them up with children. This helps both the horse, and child to heal, feel safe, and have hope. Kim has also written three other books besides Hope Rising. Her other books include Bridge Called Hope, Blind Hope, and Serving as Chief Communications Officer. Both Kim and her husband travel to speak at churches, conferences, and more! Kim was recognized and given the Jefferson Award, the Nobel Prize for public and community service in 2004.