Library News

November 18, 2015

Black Friday Shopping!

I got a good deal for our library Makerspace on Friday! I ordered a small 3-D Printer from Barnes and Noble. Basically, I got a $350.00 printer for $175.00. It is small, and probably doesn't work as fast/good as a larger more expensive one, but I figured it would be great to start us out with 3-D printing. So, be thinking of how you might use with your kiddos. I'll have a training session on how to use it once I learn myself. :-) Stay tuned!
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Hour of Code

I've signed up our school for Hour of Code! Our students will once again be participating in Hour of Code this year during their lab time. Hour of Code week is December 7-11. Beth and I will be doing coding activities with students for 2 rotations since lab time is only 35 minutes. We want to have time to explain the activity and have plenty of time for kids to complete one of the "games." We will be doing Hour of Code activities December 2nd-11th. For this reason, iPad cart availability will be limited during this time. We will be using coding apps on the iPads for K-1 (maybe 2) students. If you have any questions, let me know! For more information about Hour of Code, visit
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Computer Lab Instruction

Beth and I have been working together this year to plan instruction for computer lab. We have used articles and scope and sequence documents to determine what topics we think should be addressed during computer lab time. Next year, these topics will change a bit as we go 1:1 and needs change. The following is a summary of topics have been (will be) introduced/practiced during the 1st semester of school.

*Logging on/off

*Computer terminology, basic operations, and basic trouble shooting

*Using Microsoft Word

*Using Microsoft Paint (Kindergarten & 1st)

*Starfall (Kindergarten & 1st)

*Accessing Destiny Home for student links

*Finding and Inserting copyright free photos into a document

*SRI (3rd and 4th Grade)

*Moby Max

*Internet Safety (broad overview for all grades)

*Research lessons: (4th Grade) using the Internet, using databases, note taking,

not plagiarizing

*Using our eBook library


*Hour of Code

These are items that will be covered during the 2nd semester.

*Jan.-Mar.: Each class will participate in a computer science (coding) unit.

*More Internet Safety/Digital Citizenship

We would like to cover the following topics, but we would like them to tie in with what you are doing in class. Please let us know as far ahead of time as possible when you think the following topics would best fit in with classroom curriculum.

*Research lessons...any topic

*Using a presentation tool like Powerpoint, Prezi, etc. to share information (older

students would create their own; younger students might create a slide)

*Using Spreadsheets (Excel...When might this fit in with what you are doing in class?)

*Your suggestions?

Maker Stations

I have been working on collecting items for a library Makerspace. My goal is to change up our library, making room for stations set up around the library. (The activities at each station will be changed periodically.) Until then my Maker activities are going to have to be put out by appointment. :-) I have been introducing students to some of the basic activities during learning club and collaboration times. If you ever want to bring your students down to the library for Maker Stations, please let me know. I could set up some stations when the library is open, and you could bring your class down to create. :-) Let me know if you have questions or would like more information!