My week

How was my week?

On Wednesday, I woke up at 6:00 am, I went to school, and I had lunch. Then I did my homeworks and I had a English class. I was a normal day. OK!

On Thursday, I was so tired in the morning, so when I arrived at home and slept a lot. It was a very good day!

On Friday, the day was restless. I stayed at school all afternoon and at night I went to a music's show.

On Saturday, I've got a cold, it was terrible. I stayed in bed all day and I've got sore throat. The day was awful.

On Sunday, I stayed in my grandmother's house playing with my little cousin. It was good.

On Monday, I studied for a difficult art's test. At night I watched TV and went to the bed early.

On Tuesday, I did my test and studied for others. I also went to the shopping with my sister. It was good.