Help The Elderly

Assisting Our Senior Citizens, one Step at a Time.

The Problems They Face:

  • Over-Capacitated Elderly Homes
  • No elderly friendly areas in Egypt
  • Low quality physiotherapy
  • Expensive nursing and health insurance

How We Can Help:

  • We plan to build more elderly homes to accompany more elderly citizens.
  • Plant more gardens in areas in Egypt and improve road structure, which would lead to a healthy environment.
  • We plan to increase funding from the Ministry of Health to improve physiotherapy and find experts abroad to educate current physiotherapists.
  • We plan to encourage college graduates to become professional nurses to increase the overall number of nurses so they aren't as expensive as they are now.
  • Raise a campaign to prioritize the elderly when it comes to health insurance.

Never Look Down On Anybody Unless You're Helping Them Up