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Week of January 11, 2016

Dear Parents,

I hope you had a great week. Our class had an excellent week of fun and learning. We hope you enjoy reading about our week. More importantly, we hope you enjoy reading articles from our very own 2MU Reporters! Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom and discover what great reporters we have in 2MU!


  • During Readers' Workshop we learned about drawing conclusions. We learned to use signal words to help us draw conclusions and find supporting details within the text to deepen our comprehension skills.
  • We enjoyed reading Click, Clack, Moo, Cows That Type. As we read the text, we were able to draw conclusions about story characters thoughts and feelings. We were also able to draw conclusions and make inferences regarding story events.
  • We played Kahoot to evaluate our understanding of the story's vocabulary and events.


  • We began writing our Information Chapter Books. We brainstormed various concepts that match the activity for which we will write our information books.
  • We outlined the chapters for our book and began writing the first few chapters.
  • To help us write like experts, we studied mentor texts to help us model our writing like published authors.


  • During Math, we learned about measuring using the US standard foot and inch.
  • To help us understand the importance of using a standard method of measurement and how to measure accurately, we read and discussed an eBook entitled How Big is a Foot by Rolf Myller.
  • We used our "foot" to measure various objects around the room.

Social Studies

  • As part of our Social Studies lessons, we are learning about How One Person Can Make a Difference.
  • We looked at images of places long ago and worked in small groups to problem solve some of the problems we noticed in the photos.
  • To help us understand people of the past who have made changes within rural and urban communities and how their actions affect our lives today, we studied people such as Jane Addams, Garrett A. Morgan, Susan La Flesche and Luis Veldez .

Other Activities

  • As a special activity, we watched a Brain Pop video on Contractions and created Contraction Houses
  • Be sure to check out below our 2MU Reporters' stories they wrote about their learning activities...


Reading ~ Kahoot

Social Studies ~ Solving Community Problems

Writers' Workshop ~ Working on Writing Information Books

Contraction Houses

2MU Reporters ~ Here's "What's Happening" in 2MU

Reading story

We read click clack Moo cows that type.

In the story the cows wanted electric blankets.

In the end the ducks got a diving board from the farmer.

And it was so funny when the cows said click clack Moo.

And I love that story.

By: Mia

Our informational writing

By: Lauren Hamblin

In second grade we have started to write an informational writing piece about a topic that we know a lot about. For example, my topic was karate so I would write a lot about karate. We will each write 5 or 6 chapters in our piece. We wrote ideas on a sheet of paper and took our favorites as our chapters.

Hope you enjoy our writing!

The roller coaster by Dominic

In school we wrote about are own roller coaster. But we had to use words like gravity. And we need to explain how it was used. And you needed to do loops and a hill or else it won’t work. But if it has to much energy it will chrash.


BY: Kai Freeman

Today I learned about the foot in


We read how big is a foot, and then we cut out a foot.


Ms. Murphy told us to put our foot in the book.

We thought she meant stick your foot in the book.

But she really meant put your paper foot in the book. We all thought it was very funny.


By Adam Esesmplare

This week in school we did a fun game in centers.

It was called The Digit game.

What you do is pick 3 cards and make a number out of them.

I played this with Daniel this week. He WON! It was FUN!
Whoever’s number is higher gets all the cards.

I hope you try this game at HOME.

Starting a new unit in writing

By: Emma Lisiecki

One week one ago we got a blue paper.

And we returned it on Tuesday.

In writing in the afternoon all the kids

went and shared there topics at the rug.

Mine was skiing next we got into groups that had the same topics .So we could get ideas .And then did a paper and then got writing.

Writing this week!

By Erik m

In writing this week we started writing motion books. First we wrote the table of contents. Next we wrote what each chapter would be about for example I did baseball so I did equipment and as one of pieces of equipment I did a bat. On Wednesday we started our rough draft so I told about baseball gear and where to get it. When my book is done it will have everything you need to know about baseball

The Roller Coaster

This week in school we rode on the virtual roller coaster. It was so fun because we were on are chair when we did it and we were on the ground to wen we did anb it actually. And it looked like a real roller coaster. And it was SSSSSSSSSOOOOO MMMMMMMUUUUUUCCCHHH FFFFUUUUNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Mike M

Fun Math

This week in math we learned about IN. and FT. We got a Foot-Long-Foot. A Foot-Long-Foot that means it’s a foot that is 1 foot long. We used the Foot-Long-Foot to measure things around the room. I measured Mrs. Murphy’s desk. This Week Was Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The big foot

By Brooke

This week we had to cut out a big foot that was the size of a foot we had to make Shure we didn`t cut of the toe or the hele we meshered stuff in the room.

We had a partner. We meshered some stuff that was small and some stuff that was big.

Star Student of the Week~ Daniel Henderson

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