Where do you live? Tek 6F

By Ameera,Precious,Ruham


Habitats, habitat! There's so much to learn there's ecosystem,communities,populations,orangisms, and so much more!

All of the habitats



An ecosystem is were all biotic and abiotic things in an area depend on each other.

Ex:an organism needs sun for nutrience and water to keep it alive.

There is many different ecosystems like oceans, forests, jungles, ponds,deserts,etc.

Do you lives you those?


Population is a group of the same organisms. A group of Tigers, A group of Beavers,A group of turtles, etc
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All different populations in an area that interact

Ex: Examples like cars and dogs how they treat each other,plants and animals how they depend on eachother, and also humans

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An Organism is any living thing

Ex You,Insects,Reptile,Plants

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