United States and Canada Relations

By: Olivia Bonin

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The North American Free Trade agreement of 1989 tripled the amount of trade between the US and Canada. Canada is the US's most most important trade partner, purchasing approximately $312 billion of goods from the US in the year 2013. They are the US's biggest trading partner too, buying more than all other countries combined. Our top exports to Canada were vehicles, machinery, natural gas, and plastic. The main imports from Canada to the US are agricultural products, mineral fuel, and other special products.


The US and Canada share the largest mutual country boundary in the world. Approximately 300,000 people cross this border daily. They cross for many reasons including business, family, and recreational purposes. Citizens closer to the border may cross easily every day for shopping, jobs, and socialization. Citizens closer to the border may cross easily every day for shopping, jobs, and socialization.


The combined governments of Canada and the US work together to control the efficient trade across the border. In December of 2011, the Action Plan of Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness was passed. This act provides a plan for controlling threats, facilitating trade, protecting jobs, and enforcing laws. They also work together to make an infrastructure. Other government programs protecting US-Canadian relationships include the Cross-Border Crime Forum, Integrated Border Enforcement Teams, and the Canada-US Shiprider.
Canada - United States Trade Relationship


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