Belize Barrier Reef


Belize Barrier Reef

This Beautiful Reef is home to thousands of marine life and underwater corals. The reef waters are shallow at first but gradually turn into deep royal blue waters. The insanely clear water is the main reason people come to Belize to snorkle. Seeing rainbow tingled tropical fish, delicate sea fans and majestic coral gardnes. The reef is formed by millions of coral organisms called polyps popular names such as staghorn coral, elkhorn coral, and brain coral outline the reef. Plants such as flowering plants and diffrent algeas also add to the many sights.

All Inclusive Packages

Airfare from DFW;

American (non stop) $388

Delta (connecting) $399

United (connecting) $683


Belize Ocean Club $199 per night

Belizian Shores Resort $175 per night

Hopkins Bay Belize $212 per night

Things to Do:

Belize Zoo $89 and up

River Rafting and Tubing $55 and up

Nature and Wildlife Tours $55 and up

Zipline and Adventure Parks $55 and up

Adrenaline and Extreme Tours $100 and up

Cultural Tours $55 and up

Helicopter tours $225 and up

Chukka Caribbean Adventures $55 and up

Snorkling $65 and up

Scuba Diving $70 and up


Tender Bar & Grill $6-22

Belize Yogurt $7

The Sahara Grill $5-24

Sugarfix Bakery $75

Anna's Lunch Box $10