by Malcolm Gladwell - Humza Khalid

Begin your journey in mastering your craft

Join Malcolm Gladwell as he endeavors to find the reason behind some individuals being more successful than others. Gladwell searches for the answers to why some people are "outliers" in society and what about them makes them stand out from the common human. Why has Bill Gates acquired the extraordinary success that he has, while the smartest man in the world has the least accomplishments? Why is there a belief that most Asians are smarter than other races in subjects like math? Success is no longer based on being a genius alone, but it is influenced by a number of other key factors like opportunity, hard work, and even chance.

Relating to the World

The book relates to the world as a whole in various ways. First, Gladwell explains how being from certain countries or ethnicities can affect the potential success of a person. Along with this idea, he also argues that a person's upbringing and cultural influences can change the outcome of a person's life. Apart from race though, Malcolm Gladwell believes that other societal factors such as being in certain social classes and a person's wealth can ultimately alter a person's ending success.

Relating to the community

Subjects discussed in this story can be seen in people's everyday life within our community. In our community within the suburbs of Atlanta, there seems to be an abnormally dense population of Asian immigrants and their families compared to the rest of the United States. This allows the opportunity to compare the statements Gladwell makes in the book to reality. The concept perfectly relates to the topics of race that Gladwell argued for, because it is widely agreed upon in the city that Asians are better than most other people and races at subjects such as math and science.

Apart from race, another topic that Malcolm Gladwell discussed was the 10,000 hours required to be a "master" in a specific craft. Since Peachtree Ridge High school is such a competitive school, it can be clearly seen that those that practice more, both in academics and athletics, seem to excel far beyond those who are lazy. The athletes in the school have been recognized in state competitions and some have even made it to the professional level such as the NFL.

Relating to my life

Within the scope of my own life, Outliers taught me that i need to put in more effort in the things that i am passionate about. One of my favorite hobbies or activities is basketball, and although I am good at basketball I always seem to take prolonged breaks from practicing, disallowing me to reach the level that I hope to play on. The 10,000 hour concept shows that in order to reach my goals, I must have more dedication and perseverance.