K-12 Mobile Apps

EDU 210 - Avalon Verzuu

Animation Creator for IPad

This is an app that students can use on their IPad to create animations that can be used with a story. They can create characters and audio. In a K-12 setting students could use this app during creative writing - they could make their own graphic novel!

Explore Animation Creator - https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/animation-creator-hd-express/id380381736?mt=8

Journal Jar

I love this app! Students can just click to shake the jar and it gives them a topic to write about. This would be great to use during journal writing time in K-12 classrooms.

To learn more about this app click here: http://exclusivetutors.com/apps/journaljar/

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Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is an app that allows every student to be heard. Poll Everywhere allows teachers to anonymously poll their students at any time and receive the results immediately. This can be used in a K-12 setting to engage all students' opinions in lessons. Teachers can also use it as an assessment tool. For example, at the beginning of a lesson a teacher could use it to survey students' background knowledge on any given topic and tailor the lesson accordingly.

Learn more about how you can use this app following this link: https://www.polleverywhere.com/


I have personally used screencast-o-matic in my own career as a student and think it is amazing! It lets you add a voice-over to whatever you have on your screen - ultimately making a video you can share with anyone. For example, K-12 students could use it to add voice-over to a power-point presentation. It is VERY user-friendly!

To learn more about this tool click on the following link: https://screencast-o-matic.com/home

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Videolicious gives students the tools they need to make personal video stories. This would be a great app to use in the first few weeks of school for students to introduce themselves.

To learn more click on the link: https://videolicious.com/