ÉPK Weekly

Challenge Accepted

Le 11-15 décembre , 2017

Cette Semaine à ÉPK

  • Grade 1 Advent Matinée Celebration (10am)
  • Grade 3 Advent Matinée Celebration (1pm)
  • Grade 1 Advent Celebration (tickets required, 6pm)
  • Grade 3 Advent Celebration (tickets required, 7:15 pm)


  • Kindergarten Advent Matinée Celebration - All classes (10am)
  • Father Raj is coming to visit some classes (10:45am)
  • Club Moo (for those who ordered milk)
  • ATB Bank - Open for deposits at lunch
  • Grade 2 Advent Matinée Celebration (1pm)
  • Grade 2 Advent Celebration (tickets required, 6pm)
  • Grade 4 Advent Celebration (tickets required, 7:15pm)


  • Grade 4 Advent practice (10am)
  • Kindergarten Advent Celebration (All Classes - tickets required, 6pm)


  • Club Moo (for those who ordered milk)
  • Ceinture Fléchée (Belt weaving) in the library at 1pm


  • Kindergarten Tuesday/Thursday have classes today
  • Hot Lunch from Wild Wing for those who ordered


  • Third Sunday of Advent

Mardi (le 12 décembre)

  • Rocks and Rings (we're learning curling)
  • School Council Meeting in the library @7pm

Faith, French, Family!

La Foi, Le Français, La Famille!

School Council Corner

  • Next School Council Meeting: Tuesday, December 19 at 7:00 p.m.
  • Club Moo program is in desperate need for volunteers. Can you spare 30 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday's to deliver milk to the classrooms (with the help of some awesome students)? Please contact our Club Moo coordinator, Natalie Lavigne at pchefnatalielavigne@outlook.com
  • Playground Replacement Project: We are still looking for committee members. Please join us! Next meeting will take place on December 20th at 6:30pm.
  • New Secretary: Thank you to Diana Gaviria who agreed to be our secretary for the year.

Morning Kindergarten for the 2018-2019 school year

Current kindergarten programs throughout the division are offered in a variety of ways, including:

  • Half-day programs 5 days a week

  • Full-time kindergarten - offered in a variety of forms, including 2 days one week and 3 days the next week.

  • Progressive kindergarten which is a type of full-time kindergarten - but it is offered through incremental steps from September until June.

  • Specialized kindergarten programming with language focus (French & Ukrainian Immersions).

EICS will be meeting with our early childhood educators, consultants, and school administration in the next few weeks to discuss plans for kindergarten programming for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year. In order to assist with these discussions, we are inviting interested parents and community members to share their views about kindergarten programming via a short survey. We will be sharing input from the survey with the Board of Trustees at the January 10th meeting.

If you have any questions about the survey or EICS programs, please contact Susan.Johnson@eics.ab.ca

Upcoming Events

19 décembre

  • Rocks and Rings (we're learning about curling today)
  • School Council Meeting (7pm in the library)

20 décembre

  • Playground Replacement Meeting - please come! (6:30pm in the library)

21 décembre

  • Rocks and Rings (we're learning about curling today)
  • Club Moo (for those who ordered lunch)
22 décembre
  • Last day of classes before Christmas Break
  • Faith in Action (8:55am)
  • Bring your lunch today (there is NOT hot lunch)

24 décembre

  • Fourth Sunday of Advent
  • 4pm Mass at OLPH Parish
  • 6:30pm Mass at OLPH Parish (kid friendlier)
  • 9pm Mass at OLPH Parish
  • Midnight Mass at OLPH Parish

25 décembre


8 janvier


9 janvier

  • Club Moo (for those who ordered milk)
  • Banque ATB at ÉPK at lunch
10 janvier
  • Early Dismissal (classes are over at 2:09pm)
  • Journée d'esprit (Crazy Hair Day)
11 janvier
  • Club Moo (for those who ordered milk)
  • Mass in the gym at 2pm (everyone is welcome to join us)

12 janvier

  • Tuesday/Thursday Kindergarten have classes today
  • Faith Day - Join us as Face 2 Face ministries lead us in a full day of faith learning.
  • Hot Lunch from Press'd for those who ordered