Trying to succeed in banking?

As the traditional part of the industry has grown.

With the Industry Booming, a New, More Specialized Kind of Life Coach Joins the Fray

Decades after it shot onto the mainstream radar, the field of personal development and life coaching is still one of the world's fastest growing industries. Luminaries like Tony Robbins have amassed appreciative worldwide audiences, helping even the most ordinary people make more of their lives and become happier and more satisfied.

As the traditional part of the industry has grown, it has also spawned some more specialized niches and offshoots. For example, life coaches who help young medical students plot their career paths have become increasingly highly regarded in recent years, as these mentors have often proven to have valuable perspective and advice. Other more focused groups of people are receiving similar help, too. Over at the investment banks and hedge funds of Wall Street, for instance, a new breed of elite personal adviser is teaching people how to make the most of the Investment Banking Lifestyle.

Today, it is more than possible to Find a successful investment banking lifestyle at Wall Street Teach. Having one-stop access to the advice and perspective of highly experienced and successful people is something that, even a couple of years ago, was simply not possible, but that has changed quickly.

Someone who is just getting their bearings with a first job out of college, but is sure that the path is the right one for them, could easily learn How to live the investment banker lifestyle at WallStreetTeach. With a wealth of experience to offer and a studied, proven way of helping students put those lessons into practice, Wondering how to be a successful investment banker? Find out at

For an industry where, for a hundred years and more, the only way to learn was by doing, that is a revolutionary proposition. To be able to learn about the challenges that await as an individual climbs the ladder of investment banking, for example, from a friendly, helpful mentor instead of by stumbling over them, is already making a real difference for a whole generation of people on Wall Street and in the investment banking industry generally.

If life coaches of a more generalist bent have made a huge impression on average people all around the world, another kind are doing the same for those who rise naturally to the highest ranks of the economic order. As these people learn and benefit from this new kind of mentor, it seems likely that this style of learning and self-maximization will become the norm, likely to the great benefit of all involved.