Ludwig Van Beethoven

A Classical Composer who inspired many.

By Brianna


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14, October 2015

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Who was Ludwig Beethoven??

Lugwig Van Beethoven was born on December 17, 1770 in Bonn, Germany. He was one of seven children, but only three had survived to adulthood. His mother was Maria and his father was Johann. His life was absorbed by music since the time he was born. Such as turning the iron handle of window shutters to hear the musical noise. His father recognized his son's ability and nurtured it, possibly so his father could make money off it. When he was seventeen, Beethoven made his first trip to Vienna, the capital of music. Beethoven had a struggle of being a deaf man most of his life except his early child years. At the end of his life he had a very angry temper. His temper influenced his actions. He chopped the legs of his piano so he could put his ear up to the piano and hear the vibrations. He died at the age of 56, on March 26, 1827. He died in an interesting way. A flash of lighting came into Beethoven's room. A great boom of thunder followed. Beethoven opened his eyes, raised his fist, and said "I shall hear in Heaven!" were his last words.
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Map of Where Beethoven was born

Ludwig Beethoven was born specifically in Bonn, Germany. This is a map of Germany. Bonn Germany is near the southernmost part of the Rhine River region. Bonn, Germany is one of Germany's oldest city.
Beethoven Symphony No. 9 - Mvt. 4 - Barenboim/West-Eastern Divan Orchestra

Example of Beethoven's Music

This is an example of one of Beethoven's musical pieces. He created 9 symphonies. His ninth symphony is one of the most complex. He did something new in a symphony. He "borrowed" and adapted some stanzas from the "Ode to Joy" by the German poet and dramatist Friedrich Schiller.

List of Ludwig Beethoven's Music

  1. Symphony No. 1
  2. Symphony No. 2
  3. Symphony No. 3
  4. Symphony No. 4
  5. Symphony No. 5
  6. Symphony No. 6
  7. Symphony No. 7
  8. Symphony No. 8
  9. Symphony No. 9
  10. Für Elise
  11. Fidelio

Other Facts or Stories

He started loosing his hearing at age of 28, just before he was writing his first symphony. He tried every avaliable treatment, there were times where the treatment did work and parts of his hearing were fine. His rooms were piled high with musical pieces because all he did in his life was write music. He stopped taking care of himself because all he did was write all day.


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Beethoven was a very inspirational composer who persevered and continued to write music even through his difficult time of being deaf.