family types

by Stephanie

Family types

Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. Every family has a different living situation. I live in a blended family.

Nuclear Family

Consist of both parent and their children.

Extended Family

several generations live in the same household.

single parents

A parent who takes care of one or more children on their own.

Blended Family

Have a step parent and step kids.

Childless Family

a couple without children

Adoptive Family

Are not biologically related to the child


kids raised by their grandparents

Foster Family

One or more adults who serves as a temporary home

Group Home

more strict out-of-home placement

Other family types

A joint/shared custody children legally raised by both parents

Cohabiting Family couple lives together but not married

Community Family group of people work and live together

Commuter Family parents live in different town or state