Dennis Ritchie

By: Syed Z.

(A photo of Dennis Ritchie taken recently.)

Dennis Ritchie: The man inside your iPhone

Many people consider Steve Jobs as the creator of iOS, used by the iPhone and iPad etc., but they don't realize that the OS itself is built up on an operating system called Unix. Dennis Ritchie, a computer scientist and a pioneer of modern computer languages, with the help of his partner, Ken Thompson, created Unix in an effort to make a effective and portable operating system. He coded Unix on his successful programming language that is still used today, C. Unix was then used to create BSD at the University of California at Berkeley. BSD is now used in many devices and OSes.

Early Life:


Dennis Ritchie was born on September 9, 1941 in Bronxville, New York.


He graduated from Harvard University in Physics and Applied Mathematics. He published a doctoral thesis on sub recursive hierarchies of functions.

Other Info:

He preferred procedural programming languages more than functional ones.

His Work at Bell Labs


Dennis Ritchie created the C programming language. Using this programming language, him and his partner, Ken Thompson, created UNIX, an OS that is simple yet it is both versatile and effective. Some other creations/accomplishments are, he wrote a compiler for ALTRAN, a programming language and system for symbolic calculations, and contributed to the Multics program.

A video of dennis ritchie explaining UNIX

Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie Explain UNIX (Bell Labs)

Why I think he is a role model

I would agree that Dennis Ritchie is a role model since he a hard worker in what he does and intelligence would also be another amazing trait he has. Overall, he is a very intelligent and har working that has created base for many things we use today.

A popular clone Unix, known as Linux, is available to run in the web below.