Genetic Disorder

Treacher Collins Syndrome

What is Treacher Collins Syndrome?

This is a very rare inherited congenital craniofacial. That affects the jaw bone, bones in general (on the face), skin, and muscles but on the face.

Children with Treacher Collins Syndrome

This condition happens to every one in 10,000 births. This is a genetic mutation that affects the babies facial development before birth.

Did You Know?

The little boy August (Auggie) Pullman has Treacher Collins Syndrome.

Some facts about Treacher Collins Syndrome

- Seattle Children's Hospital has treated about 19 children with Treacher Collins Syndrome.

- They have done about 10 surgeries in 4 months for 1 patient.

- Being able to eat and breathe by their selves is very hard. Sometimes it gets so hard for them to be able to breathe they will need a oxygen tank.