The Bond Brief

November 8, 2013

A Week of Highs and Lows

Perhaps your child mentioned that my cat, KC aka Kee Kee (Carson's version), has been in failing health these last few weeks...more so this week. She was put down today, so the kids did experience my emotional roller coaster. They were supportive and understanding.

On a high note, we had some great connections with technology this week.

Yesterday we participated in a Google Hang Out On-Air with Sharon Draper, the author of Out of My Mind, and we used our iPads to have a backchannel chat on Today's Meet. (Each child is bringing home a paper that has 4 pages from the transcript for you to view.) We also had a Google Hang Out On-Air today for a virtual field trip focusing on "What Happens After We Flush!" I embedded both of these into this newsletter.

In addition, Tuesday was a great day! I started the day learning that Maddie and Finley both placed in the STEM and ME Poster Contest! Then, I was a featured speaker at the MiGoogle Conference in Brighton on Tuesday. I presented on the use of Blogger, Google Hang Outs, and Google SItes to showcase the learning going on inside the classroom. It was a great experience, and I enjoyed connecting with educators from around Michigan and learning more about Google! Finally, I was able to celebrate the Safety, Security, and Technology Bond passing! Woo hoo!

Thankfully, there was more positive than negative. :)

Hooray! 25 Parents Are Signed Up for Conferences!

I cannot recall a year when I have had all of my parents signed up the week before conferences! Good job Team Bond 2013-14 Parents!!!! With that being said, it is going to be a jammed packed day, and if you know me, I have the gift to gab. Please make sure that you knock on the door to let me know your there, when it is your time to conference. I will do my very best to stay on schedule. Also, if you can fill out the attached form, I can better prepare myself to customize your conference. Thanks so much for your support!

Global Read Aloud Chat with Sharon Draper
What Happens When We Flush?

Remember...Book Logs are due on Monday!

Book Adventure

My son's class uses a free online program called Book Adventure ( It allows kids to take comprehension tests on the books they are reading at home and in school. Many books are part of the quiz library that are also part of our classroom library. We started taking the tests this week. Your child is welcome to use this as much as he/she would like. With each test that scores over 80%, your child will earn points. Once your child earns 1,000 points, he/she can pick a treat from my treat jar. There are also prizes that they can win from sponsors.

Michigan Geography Day...NEXT Friday

We are going to dedicate next Friday as our Michigan Geography Learning Day. All activities will revolve around MI Geography and be self-directed. We read a book called the Fairy Boat, which shares the details of a small Fairy boat going on an adventure from a small creek to the ocean. We are going to create our own boat adventure, but using Michigan waterways. On Friday, your child can bring supplies to create a small boat. (This recycled goods...and things found in nature.) We will research waterways, as well as towns, attractions, and landforms that are near the waterways. In the end, the students will be creating a project that includes a book, maps, and their model boat. It should be a fun day of learning! Like during our Cardboard Challenge, we will host a Google Hang Out On-Air that will allow you to tune in. We will host it at 12:30 next Friday. (So if you are working...try to plan your lunch around that time and enjoy a peek into our classroom.) I will share the link with you on Thursday.

Math Problem Solving Examples Nov.8