Music Influence On Adolescents

Influence From Music On People

Music makes people think about their emotions and it helps people use their mind to imagine and create things. (Rosemary M. Wixom) In other ways, music have a negative affect on adolescents, leading to violence or misbehavior. Although people view the music differently, it is still said to be wise on the music people should listen to. It is also said that "chaos" could be brought by the rhythm, beat, and the message from the music. The debate would still remain continuous as long as there are always different opinions on how music specifically influences others.

Music Affect On People

Music affects people in two different ways. It can have an affect on people in a positive way, or in a negative way. In a negative way, it is argued that people do not have time to think and feel meanwhile the intense music is playing. (Rosemary M. Wixom) Then again, music affects people in different ways depending exactly how they view the music. Therefore, there can't be a dominant side on the affect on people from the music if people view it very differently. Music speaks to different people in different ways, whether it has an intense or calm feeling.

Music Is Beneficial To Adolescents

Music is said to be beneficial when kids listen to it. Researchers have shown that learning music helps kid's learning skills and other subjects. Music is also said to help on language development. When it comes to appropriate music, kids get a benefit on the development on their language. Students in elementary school with good music education programs scored about 22 percent higher in English test scores and 20 percent higher in Math test scores, compared to other schools that do not have much superior music education programs. Music can help improve adolescents skills in multiple different activities. (Laura Lewis Brown)

Guidance Of Music

There are many types of music that many people listen to. People listen to rock, metal, rap, hip hop, country and several other types of music. Whether any types of this music is relaxing or raging, it helps teenagers release stress and get through personal problems. Music sends messages to kids on how they can act upon their problems. It also creates ideas that people can follow and hopefully use. With these messages and ideas, music shows that it can guide adolescents through their daily lives.

(Mariam S. Smithtown NY)