All About Nolan

Born: July 23, 2001 at Gwinnett Medical

Where I'm From

I am from the game of inches

From hard work & determination

I am from respect

I am from baseball

I am from dirt & grass

From the chalk & paint

I am from the grass stains that stain forever

To the dirt that gets stuck in your cleats

I am from baseball

I am from the out of the world hitters

To the rocket launcher arms

And the runaway stealers

I am from the close plays

I am from baseball

I am from the dougout

Watching & waiting for my turn to win the game

I am from the walk off

To last out

I am from baseball

I am from ''don't go!''

and ''slide!'' or ''your good''

I am from the gum I chew

To the smell I smell

I am from baseball

I am from oak& ash

And the birch tree

I am from my helmet to the spikes

I am from the gear that makes me who i am

I am from baseball

I am from my first game

To bases loaded, no outs

And the clutch hit from the underdog

I am from the dream to believe

I am from the prospective of baseball

Deep Meaning Response Essay

The reason why people should have something they care about is a motive. A motive makes someone act a certain way & and believe in a certain way. Also you are kept busy while you are trying to fulfill your passion. The motive drives you to fulfill that passion in your life, to strive to be the best and the best that you can be.

My thing that I care about is baseball,the game of inches. Baseball is fun, active, and a interesting sport. I makes me try to be the best I can be. It keeps my thoughts while I'm away from it and is something that i cant live without.

Baseball makes me see that nobody is perfect & nobody is good at everything. Just think, for a second, what would the world be if nobody was bad at everything? The world wouldn't be interesting, it would be bland. And then when people are good at things I'm not, I have respect them.

It makes scene that i need to that I need to do good to belong. Also I need to do good to own up to my identity . Caring about something relates to belonging & identity it makes you who you are, because if you didn't have it then you wouldn't be yourself. With me baseball is my life and I don't know what I would do without it.

Personality Analysis

I found out how birth order, Chinese Zodiac Sign, my color, & my astrological sign all relate to me.

Birth Order

With birth order I got attention seeker, manipulative, & fun loving. I always want to be in the spotlight on my own terms but not for anyone else. I can sometimes talk my way out of things. And I love having fun.


Ever since I was 8 years old I have been afraid of escalators. One nice pleasant day i was on an escalator, minding my own my own business when at the end my toe got cut. FYI I was wearing sandals. So ya now u know.

Se also: FEARS

Nolan Ryan

As you probably know from my name that I was named after him. In the video below that is how most people have remembered him. He is actually not that type of person and now owns the Texas Rangers .

Moments in Baseball

Some of the greatest moments of ball are mentioned here, Including the 715th home run, the home run was a record at the time for everyone in the MLB. While with Jackie Robinson he had many plays that are remembered.


My dog Rambo is my life(Not including baseball). He will sit with me whenever I want even if he wants to play. And he will always play when ever I want to play with him. He always wants to be at my side. Also he was a rescue dog and I guess I was the first person to bond with him.


My family at my house includes my mom, my dad, me, my dogs, & my sister. If I didn't have this family than i don't think i would be myself.