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September 9, 2022

Educating every child for confidence today and contribution tomorrow.

A Message From the Principal

Dear families,

Wow!! What a great start to the school year. The students were well prepared and organized to begin in their new classrooms. It has been wonderful to see all of the bright and happy faces each day. We can see and feel the excitement. It was great to have our Family Connections meetings with our Kindergarten families this week and wonderful to have all of our students on campus today.

The first weeks of class are designed to assist students in the transition to their new school environment. Your children are learning the building and classroom expectations, as well as the daily routines of school. This is a critical time as well-established patterns and routines are necessary for smooth transitions here at DHES.

Please remember to put your child’s name in their coats, sweatshirts, lunchboxes, gym shoes, and anything else that may get lost at school. Let’s strive to keep the Lost and Found empty.

If you drop off your children in the morning, please understand the doors open at 8:25 am. At that time we will assist students to their classrooms each day until they are comfortable. School starts promptly at 8:30am. If you arrive after school begins, please come to the office and sign your child into school as they are tardy.

Thank you for entrusting your children to us each day. I am looking forward to a fantastic school year. Please feel free to contact me at any time with your thoughts, or just drop in to introduce yourself.

FYI: Fair tickets have been sent home--Have fun!


Kevin Anderson, Principal

Calendar of Upcoming Events

Sep 14 PTS Meeting DHES 6:30 PM

Sep 20 Picture Day

Sep 21 4th Grade Curriculum Night 6:30-7:30 @DHES

Sep 22 5th Grade Curriculum Night 6:30-7:30 @ DHES

Sep 29 Kindergarten Curriculum Night 6:30-7:30 @ DHES

Oct 5 Walk-a-Thon

Oct 17 No School, Teacher Collaboration Day

Oct 27 No School, Elementary Conference Day

After School Planning

School’s out...where are your children headed? This is a question we must know the answer to as soon as possible. Please communicate, in writing, your plans if you are having your child picked up after school, ride the bus to LTES, ride home with another student, or ride the bus to another family’s home. The sooner we know your plans, the more smoothly things go at the end of the day. We prefer written notes, but phone calls prior to 2:30 are acceptable in a real pinch. Plan ahead and communicate early. Thanks.

ACE Friday Update

Friday ACE afternoons are up and running. This is invaluable time for teachers and support staff to collaborate together, prepare and develop curriculum, and to communicate with you. We do not underestimate the impact on the community. We thank you for your support. We will keep you posted when classes and activities become available to children on these afternoons. We will also keep you informed of our staff activities and efforts to continue to improve student learning opportunities at DHES. ACE afternoons are a critical aspect to this endeavor. Remember, school dismisses at 1:00 pm each Friday.

After School Pick Up Procedures

Getting our students home safely at the end of the day is of utmost importance to us. Following the parent pick-up plan below will increase the efficiency and reduce the stress this time can cause.

Below outlines the plan:

  1. Students whose classrooms are downstairs will come to the lobby under the stairs for pick-up. Parents, please park and meet your students in the front lobby.

  2. Students in 4th and 5th grade will be picked up outside at the corner of the gym.

This is a drive-through pick-up area...please be patient and avoid passing others in the line. If students have siblings whose classrooms are downstairs, they will come to the lobby to get their little brother or sister and walk them out to the drive-through pick-up area if you request this through the office. This will provide a one-stop pick up for those parents.

Please, no parking at the curb. We need to maintain high visibility as families are crossing the street to the parking area.

Thank you for your cooperation with these student pick-up procedures.

Reminder: Annual Student Information Update Needed

If you have not yet updated your child's Annual Student Information, please complete these forms as soon as possible. This process is required annually and replaces the paper forms that were sent home in the past.

These steps must be completed separately for each child.

  1. Log in to Skyward Family Access using this link, or by clicking the Skyward button on the upper right side of the Dieringer website. The Skyward URL has changed since last school year. If you previously bookmarked the site, you will need to update it to the URL linked above. NOTE: This process cannot be completed in the Skyward Mobile App. You must use the link above.

**If you don’t know or have forgotten your user name or password, click here.**

  1. Using the blue menu on the left, select Annual Student Information Update.

Read and follow the detailed instructions there to:

Step 1. Verify or update your student and family information

Step 2. Verify your family’s military status (required by state legislature)

Step 3. Verify your student’s race/ethnicity fields (required by WA state)

Steps 4 - 11: Complete the online forms regarding technology, health, housing, transportation, parent handbooks, and picture consent.

Step 12. Submit to complete the process.

This process replaces many of the required paper forms used in the past, and must be completed individually for each child by September 9th. If you need assistance, please contact the school office.


Kevin Anderson, Principal



Walk a thon information
picture of student walk a thon t-shirt
Walk a thon prizes

Updated Covid Guidelines

Covid guidelines
Covid guidelines

How to Order Your Free Covid Test

Did you know that you can order free Covid home tests from the federal government and from Washington State? Here are the websites to order free tests for your family:

Washington State: https://sayyescovidhometest.org/

Substitute Teachers and Paras Needed

We are in desperate need of substitute teachers and paraeducators!

Call Jade Hughes (253-862-2537) or stop by the District Office for more information. Applications can be found on our website under Employment!

**If you have a 4 year degree, you are eligible to be a substitute teacher!

Need Tech Support?

If your child's device is not working properly, go to our website to request assistance!

Remember to:

  • Make sure to shutdown and restart your device nightly
  • Keep your device charged nightly
  • Keep your device and charger cord stored in a safe place

Check out our Parent & Student Tech Help Website to access several how-to help guides for the programs we use.