Mackenzie and Yukon River basins



In my paragraph i am gonna talk about homes for M.Y.R.B.they live in portable homes.

Portable homes are homes that you take with you anywhere you go.M.Y.R.B use animal

skins for tents.25 to 30 people live in one community. Isn't that exciting.Well, that's all,so bye.


I'm gonna talk about food that M.Y.R.B ate . M.Y.R.B ate alot of caribou.they ate alot of meat too. Isn't that weird. that's all I know,so bye
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social organization

Do you know about the M.Y.R.B. Well i am gonna talk about there social organization. there social organization is day to day survival one of there other social organization is fishing. they do trades with food and more. that's all my information ,
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modes of transportation

I am going to talk about modes of transportation for M.Y.R.B. there modes of transportation are canoes.they use canoes to go to places. M.Y.R.B use portable homes.Now that's all i know.bye.
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Now I am gonna talk about M.Y.R.B clothing. one of the clothing is moccasins.they were caribou skins too.
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spiritual beliefs

i am going to talk about spiritual beliefs for the M.Y.R.B.There beliefs are oral story telling. All first nation believe in oral story telling. How we teach is different from there teaching.thats all I know . bye
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