Ellen Hopkins


This is a playlist, for the book Smoke. There is no specific genre, so more or less is a mix playlist. Although, most of the songs are more sad and show more sad feelings. Since the book is mainly sad and has a lot of negative turns, I thought these songs would be appropriate.

Ben E. King - "Stand By Me"

In the beginning, one of the main characters, Pattyn, kills her dad. Her sister, Jackie, is the only one who really knows the truth about it, so Pattyn needs Jackie to stand by her. Although Pattyn is on the run, she needs Jackie to be close by her.

Låpsley - "Hurt Me"

Jackie was raped by a kid, Caleb. Her dad found them, and he was going to beat Jackie for being impure. That's when Pattyn shot the dad, but Jackie still has to face Caleb everyday. Everyday he tries to pick on or make fun of Jackie. This song is about strength. "So if you're going to hurt me, why don't you hurt me a little bit more."

GEMS - Medusa

After the father's death, the mother didn't really know how to take the death because the father used to beat her and the kids. She was sad, but she kept it to herself. This song is talking about how she's trapped in her head and how she only sees him in her dreams, she doesn't know if she is happy or sad about it. She wants out but can't.

The xx - "Angels"

In the end, Jackie and Pattyn both fall for someone. Although, there past relationships we hard for them, they still find someone even better. This song talks about love and how some are not ready for love, but with the right person they are.