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Scorpius is a zodiac constellation, and it includes many bright shining stars. The tale of the Scorpius, is called The cats eye. The tells, that a scorpion stung a great hunter whose name was Orion, so they were put in opposite sides of the sky to make less conflict between each other. The Babylonians, called Scorpius, MUL.GIR.TAB. (Stands for scorpion)

5 Facts about Scorpius.

1.) Scorpius is in the southeast of the constellation of Libra and marked by Antares, who was a Greek war-god.

2.)Scorpius was last seen July 25th.

3.) You can see Scorpius, only through out June and July.

4.) Scorpius is place in the milky way, and it contains many deep sky objects.

5.) Scorpius in many religions, was told to be a god.