Mrs. Lyons' Class

First Grade Math, Science, Social Studies

Whats Happening in Week 15! {November 17th - 21st }

It's Thanksgiving!!! week here at Grace and we are all so thankful! I am so thankful to be at the best school with the best kids, and best parents too! I brag on you all the time. I'm so lucky and thankful to have such amazing kids and parents! Thank you!

Dates to Remember:

LAST CALL for field trip money! $10 for 2 field trips in December!

{Send Monday if you have not done so already!}

November 21st- PJ Day, Class Play, Party, Pep-Rally, Noon Dismissal

November 24-28 Thanksgiving Break {I'll miss you!!}

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Can Food Drive

Thank you to the parents who have already sent can goods for the food drive! You can still send cans all this week if you have not done so already. The food bank really needs our support and our kids want to win the party!

10 cans= free scoop of The Creamery ice cream

20 cans= free scoop of ice cream + free dress pass

21 + cans = free scoop of ice cream + free dress pass + golden tickets from Mrs. Lyons

PLUS a CHALLENGE… I will match the single largest donation to my classroom!

You bring 25 cans, I bring 25 cans! You bring 100 cans….I'll bring 100 cans!

As of right now, the single largest donation is 25 cans from 1 student!

Brookshires has the lowest prices right now with .59 cent can vegetables!

PLUS **** Special gift goes to the student with the largest donation!

Tests: Thursday November 20th

Math- Chapter 6 / Unit 2 Test

Science- Turkeys

Social Studies- Pilgrims & The Mayflower

This Week in Math:

Finish Chapter 6: Subtraction Strategies / Fact Families

Math Journals: November activities

Excel Lessons 50-55

Math Facts: 5 minute drills

Math Centers: Skill of the week

Click on the link below to play review games or use the eGlossary .

Chapter 6 Tested Vocabulary

Which can you use to subtract 5 - 2 ?

count on / count back

Write a related fact for 1 + 8 = 9

9 - 8 = 1

What is this called?

number line / fact family

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This Week in Science:

This week we will finish our unit on Turkeys! We will play true / false games and will complete an All About Turkeys booklet to help review for the test on Thursday.

This Week In Social Studies:

Students will learn more about what life was like on the Mayflower with a non-fiction close reading of The Mayflower Let's Set Sail!

Vocabulary: mast, sail, cabin, deck, Pilgrim

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This Week's Crafts and Activities