Sixth Grade Quest Update

December 3rd

There's no place like home!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It has been great to meet with the Quest class and talk about recent experiences.

A few tidbits:

Academic and Lunchtime Enrichment Groups make some changes in January. Take a look at the offerings, and sign up for whatever interests you.

The Talent Show is coming up on December 21st. If you are interested in sharing a talent for up to 2 and a half minutes, let me know what you are planning to do, what you need, and when you can demonstrate it for me! I'd like to get it organized by December 15th. There will be a dress rehearsal in school on the 18th, and two performances on the 21st.

"Create One Brown Shoe"

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Language has its Limits!

We had fun sharing our different interpretations of the simple artistic directions.

CREATE: Does this mean make? Redesign? Illustrate? Build?

BROWN: Does this mean tan? Beige? Dark brown? Mud? Rainbow-colors which meld into brown? Does it mean completely brown or partially brown?

SHOE: Does this mean it needs to be wearable? What about a horse shoe? A sandal? A slipper? What about the word "shoe"?

When has language caused confusion in YOUR life?

Our Introduction to Our Moroccan Friends


And Their Video Introduction to Us